Tradelines in 2024... Do they Still Work?

If you've been with us awhile, you'll know that we answer this question every year. In fact, we really don't need to say much because we're still here. But for those of you who are new to the idea or concept of using authorized tradelines, we're going to reassure you that yes, tradelines still work in 2024. Of course, we're still over a month away from ringing in the new year but the story is the same, contrary to the opinions of many people providing false or misleading advice about buying or selling authorized user tradelines.

Just recently - and this is what sparked the motivation for this article - we saw a video from almost 4 years ago. If you'd like to see it for yourself, we've embedded it below. But don't say we didn't warn you!

While it's a cringe-worthy watch for anyone who knows what they're doing or talking about, it reminded us of the importance of our duty to be transparent, honest, and straightforward with our clients and potential new customers.

The video was released in 2019 or 2020, and the author of the video says that tradelines don't work. Not only that, he says they're bank fraud, mortgage fraud, and a federal crime. According to him, tradelines brokers are the scariest thing in the credit repair industry, and nobody should get involved with them.

Meanwhile, he's making a living on credit repair services and courses that teach people how to open their very own credit repair companies.

While we're not going to judge, we'll openly say that facts are fact, and opinions are.... well, let's just say that everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, spreading opinions as if they were facts is unprofessional, irresponsible, and ignorant. So let's discuss some facts.

The Credit Repair Industry Is Factually Based On Lying

Whether it works or not is irrelevant, and our opinion on the industry is neutral. Credit repair companies use proven methods to bring people out of debt, and these methods do work. However, the strategy requires repeatedly sending letters to creditors and collectors asking them to prove that the debt is valid. In other words, you are denying that the debt is yours, denying that the debt is valid, and continuously sending these letters to the creditor until one day they fail to respond within 30 days. If and when they fail to respond (which they often do), then the law says that credit bureaus must remove that negative mark from your record, and the debt is automatically considered invalid.

In other words, the credit repair industry works by exploiting a loophole in the law, and over-saturating creditors with mailed letters that they may not respond to in time, rendering your debt invalid. In the most simple terms, you keep lying or "forgetting" about maxxing out your credit cards until you get lucky enough to not receive a timely response. You agreed to pay the money lent to you, you spent the money, and then you must claim otherwise by disputing your own purchases.

We won't judge the morality of that, and we don't care to explain anymore than we've already said. These are simple, provable facts about how the core of the credit repair industry works - by disputing legitimate purchases and attempting to evade responsibility. The ethics of this practice are not something we care to discuss, nor do we feel any need to. We only wish to present the facts in easy-to-understand terms.

The Tradeline Industry Is Based On The Equal Opportunity Credit Act, A Federal Law And Human Right

Regardless of who claims that tradelines are illegal or a crime, they are not telling the truth. Any knowledgeable attorney, accountant, loan officer, or even politician will tell you that authorized user tradelines are completely legal, and this has been established time and time again. There are under-educated naysayers, and there are those who wish to spread fear. There are also those who intentionally spread misinformation and disinformation about the act of legally buying and selling credit card tradelines.

You can look into the equal opportunity credit act of 1974, and the reason it was first implemented. You can also read about the feelings of banks, credit bureaus, and federal institutions regarding the subject. There is no doubt whatsoever that being an authorized user is not against the law in any way shape and form. Similar to credit repair, we wish not to discuss the ethics or morals in this article. We've already done that. But we will say that buying tradelines - unlike credit repair - is focused on customers who have responsibly managed their credit and simply wish to increase the speed at which their credit score improves. Credit card tradelines are not effective tools for people who have used up all their credit or ruined their ability to borrow due to less than good credit practices or spending habits.

There is no way to trick credit bureaus into giving you a wonderful score when your credit history is bad. However, tradelines can and will prove rewarding for those who have managed to keep their credit in good standing, or simply lack much credit history. Either way, some extra good credit added to your credit profile via an authorized user tradeline won't save you or reverse the damage that's been done by delinquency.

As a genuine tradeline company who operates legally and in accordance with the law, we can tell you from first hand experience that tradelines do work. We can also tell you that they are absolutely not illegal. We've covered the subject until the point of nausea. You can read about it here, here, or here. And if you wish, you can learn even more in our complete tradeline guide, here. The point is that tradelines work just as well today as they did 15 years ago. There is absolutely zero evidence of any individual ever being charged, jailed, or incarcerated for fraud when purchasing or selling legitimate authorized user tradelines. And we'll end that part of the conversation there.

If Tradelines Still Work in 2024, How Can I Benefit?

There are many ways that you can benefit from authorized user tradelines. The main goal objective of this financial tool is to rapidly increase the credit score of an idividual by the largest number possible. The results depend on many factors, and also on a few prerequisites. For example, clean credit and following the correct process is key. Attempting to utilize fake social security numbers, CPNs, or other practices - which are often misinterpreted as being the main objectives of the tradeline industry - can and will land you in hot water, to say the least. Stay far away from anyone employing these methods in combination with or as a substitute for genuine, authentic, legitimate authorized user tradelines.

Now, you can benefit by acquiring a much higher credit score if you find the right tradelines for sale and use them strategically. There's no doubt about it, and there's no reason to think otherwise. The proof is widely available for anyone to see.

However, 2024 brings one specifically lucrative aspect to the industry for a specific group of people, and those are the people who want to sell credit card tradelines.

Due to the obviously high interest levels we're experiencing in the US combined with other monetary difficulties, the average consumer is having a harder time being approved for loans and financing. These are people who already have good credit, but the length of their history isn't acceptable for certain lenders. When these same people become the authorized user of a high-limit credit card with a good account age and excellent payment history, their credit score will more often than not rise to the point where they can receive financing approval, and/or better financing options. If you're a primary account holder of a high-limit, well-aged credit card, what you have in your wallet is in extremely high demand right now, and well into 2024.

In fact, the demand for people like you is higher than we've ever seen. If you want to learn how to sell tradelines, or sell your credit to people who are willing and ready to buy right now, you'll be able to gain a very fair premium for doing so. While you won't get rich, it requires practically no work at all on your behalf to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars of extra passive income.

If you have the tools to sell your credit, and if you're comfortable doing it, it might be a perfect opportunity for you. It's very possible that the cost for buying tradelines may rise rather rapidly due to the high demand. This is something that we're seeing right now, and as experts in the field, we feel will continue on for quite some time.

If you're ready to be paid top dollar for your credit card tradelines, speak with GFS Group today. We pay higher commissions than any of our competitors, we have an excellent track record, rave reviews, and never had an issue with keeping our clients information 100% safe and secure.

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So, yes. Tradelines will work in 2024, and they'll be especially favorable to the seller this year, as it's a buyers market and buyers are demanding the best of the best. Visit our website to see more about how to sell credit card tradelines starting now. By the time 2024 comes, you'll already be making money for doing almost nothing at all except being rewarded for your great credit habits.