Credit is always a hot topic, and it always has been. From consumer loans and credit cards to financing and interest rates, we're constantly bombarded with offers and reminders about borrowing money. There never seems to be a shortage of pre-qualified credit lines in our mailboxes and email inboxes. Radio, TV, online ads and news stories are constantly mentioning credit and the importance of maintaining or repairing it. And let's face it - without credit, most of us wouldn't have the homes we live in, the cars we drive, or the ability to acquire assets. Lenders have become an integral part of society and the economic landscape. So why is it that with so much focus on personal finances you never hear about buying tradelines?

Credit card tradelines are an extremely powerful tool for increasing your credit score when understood and used correctly, but for many people they get a bad name. If you've heard about buying tradelines, you may have heard good thing or bad things. If you've investigated them for yourself or done some research, you may have been told to stay far away. There's a mixed bag of opinions, and the vast majority of them come from people who are misinformed or without the proper knowledge of how buying tradelines actually works.

More than anything, the idea of buying tradelines falls into an unknown or taboo area because people simply don't know enough about them. They're definitely not one of the most traditional ways of acquiring and improving credit, but what really is traditional these days? Below we'll explore and explain a few of the most commonly discussed points regarding these extremely helpful financial tools so you can decide if they're right for you and your financial goals.

Buying Tradelines is Not Dangerous

Buying tradelines is definitely not dangerous when you know what you're doing. In fact, in most circumstances it's an extremely safe process that's less invasive than the typical financial process. Working with a credit repair company or opening a bank account typically requires more personal information than purchasing a tradeline; and with any reputable company the whole process will be quick, easy and painless. But hang on a second - do you know what buying tradelines even means and how it works? Let's take a brief dive into the purpose of it all.

What Are Tradelines?

Tradelines are an industry term used to describe authorized user tradelines, or AU tradelines. They are existing lines of credit from credit card holders. The primary card holder can add an authorized user to their account which basically gives that user rights to the credit line. In addition to those rights, the authorized user is blessed with the credit card's history which will now appear on their own credit report. If the card's history is long, clean, and if the card has a high limit, it can be extremely beneficial to the authorized user's credit score. But, there are a couple details:

  • When buying a tradeline, you are making a business transaction.
  • The primary cardholder is going to have you added as an authorized user but you will not receive a physical card nor a digital card number. You will not be able to make purchases with the card.
  • The sole purpose of buying tradelines is to improve your credit profile, nothing more.
  • While you'll have to pay for your tradeline and provide some information, the process is completely secure.
  • The cardholder will remain anonymous for their own safety - you'll never know the cardholder's actual name, the card number, the card's PIN, etc. This is what protects the seller from possible fraud and enables them to sell a space to an authorized user without worrying about that person using their actual credit via spending.
  • The card you'll be buying a tradeline from will have a perfect payment history, low utilization (just enough to keep the account active), be an aged account, and have a higher credit limit.
  • Naturally, the cost of buying tradelines will vary substantially depending on the age and limit of the card.
  • You'll be purchasing through a reputable buyer who uses a completely secure system, has great customer service, a proven track-record, an anonimity policy, and a moneyback guarantee.

The bullet points mentioned above are the biggest factors to why buying tradelines is not dangerous. The key factor, however, is beginning with a seller who specializes in this industry and has a great reputation plus plenty of good reviews from real clients. If you go buying tradelines on Craigslist or eBay, you are just asking for problems. That practice should be ruled out completely.

When we say with confidence that buying tradelines is not dangerous, we assume that you follow the official method of doing so, which we've outlined above. If someone were to tell you that taking out a loan was safe, they surely wouldn't be speaking of taking a 30% loan from a dangerous criminal loan shark - they would be speaking about a bank or a lending institution, and assume that you would familiarize yourself with the process and your responsibility before signing on the dotted line.

Yes, Buying Tradelines is Perfectly Legal

It's not illegal, and it's not "shady". It doesn't even fall into a gray area as some people claim it does. If you are worried about negative affects, or unsure if buying tradelines is right for you, we recommend that you read The Ultimate Guide to Authorized User Tradelines.

Legislation was written 50 years ago to specifically protect people from discrimination and the right to achieve credit in any form that's not otherwise illegal or fraudulent. Buying tradelines is neither illegal or fraudulent. It's merely a lesser-known practice due to people's lack of education about the topic. And as we said, we recommend that you educate yourself. The facts are very simply and clearly laid out in the guide we've linked to.

While you may decide that buying tradelines is too costly or not ideal for you, at least you'll have a good understanding of how the process works. You'll also understand why tens of millions of Americans successfully utilize the process to improve their credit scores for a wide variety of reasons without any problems whatsoever.

The danger of buying tradelines is no larger than you allow it to be. By entering the situation armed with common sense, some basic knowledge, and while following the correct process, you'll get the services and results you desire. Buying Tradelines is as safe as any other kind of financial service, and you can do so with confidence. Do you think you're ready to use tradelines or that they'll be a benefit to you? If so, don't wait - get started today.