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Score Boost Fast Improve your credit score by adding AU tradelines to your credit report

Improve your credit score by adding AU tradelines to your credit report

We offer a list of authorized user tradelines with spotless payment history

  • Increase your credit score fast with GFSGroup

    Boost your credit score

    We offer you to become an authorized user of one of our credit cards with spotless payment history, perfect debt utilization ratio, high limits and aged up to 30 years old. Being an authorized user of such a credit card can increase your credit score dramatically.

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  • Affiliate Program for credit repair companies, mortgage or loan brokers

    Tradeline Brokerage

    If you are a representative of a credit repair company, mortgage or loan broker, you are welcome to become a Tradeline Broker and re-sell our product to your clients. With our platform you'll be placing orders for your clients just in minutes.

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  • Become a tradeline seller with GFSGroup

    Selling tradelines

    If you have good credit cards, we can help you to generate passive income! Essentially, you add authorized users onto your credit cards for a month or two, before you remove them, and get paid.

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How AU Tradelines Work

  • Step 1

    Choose tradelines

    You buy one or several available AU tradelines from our inventory. We will also give you an algorithm-based suggestion of best fitting tradelines based on your current situation.

  • Step 2


    Create an account and place an order. We will add you as an authorized user of the chosen tradelines. You will only need to provide a photocopy of your real ID and SSN number.

  • Step 3

    Credit Score Boost

    The issuing bank will report the positive credit history and you will get your credit score boosted shortly after.

We guarantee it's safe and legal

  • Tradelines are legal

    According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), 1974, any kind of discrimination isn't allowed by banks and financial institutions, including marital status, which means you can be an authorized user of any cardholder.

  • Posting guarantee

    We guarantee that tradelines will be posted at minimum of two bureaus and within estimated posting dates, otherwise we will extend the leasing period or even return your money or replace the tradeline with one of equivalent or even higher value.

  • Your personal
    data is safe

    We will not transfer your data to any third parties without your permission. We use modern cloud security technologies to keep your data 100% safe.

  • Improve Your Credit Score Today

    You can increase your credit score by many points in just 1 month. When you buy AU tradelines from us, you become an authorized user of credit cards with a long and spotless credit history, as well as high limits and very low credit utilization. Such tradelines added to your report considerably increase your own credit score.

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