Become an Authorized User Tradeline Seller

  • Become a tradeline seller with GFSGroup
  • What Is It?

    Essentially, you add authorized users onto your credit cards, temporarily (for a month or two, before you remove them), and getting paid to do so.

    We accept only personal cards with:

    1. Account age over null years
    2. Limit over $null
    3. Spotless credit history
    4. Credit utilization level under 15%
    5. The cards are your personal and not business credit cards

    If you have 5 YES, we will help you generate passive income off your good credit!

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    What are tradelines?

    What does the GFS Group do?

    What do I need to do?

    Is it safe and legal?

    What if the Authorized User spends a bunch on my card?

    Where I can read more about the tradeline business?

    What credit cards can I post?

    How long takes time for getting payments?

    How much can I make?

    How do I get started?

    How do you pay?

    How to talk with someone and discuss detail?