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Welcome to GFS Group, your gateway to a lucrative opportunity in the world of selling Authorized User (AU) tradelines. If you're intrigued by the idea of earning substantial passive income in your spare time, you've come to the right place. Let us guide you through the exciting journey of becoming a tradeline seller with us.

How to Sell Your Credit as a Tradeline

  • sell your credit as a tradeline
  • AU tradelines are a financial tool that allows individuals to improve their credit score by becoming authorized users on established credit card accounts. Selling tradelines, simply involves the temporary sharing of your credit account with someone seeking to enhance their credit profile. We specialize in connecting sellers like you with eager buyers in a simple and straightforward manner.

    To sell your credit as a tradeline, you will temporarily add authorized users onto your credit cards (for a month or two, before removing them), and get paid to do so.

    It's important to understand that at no point will the authorized user have access to a physical card (or your card information) and therefore cannot spend or utilize your credit line in any way. The primary purpose is that the card issuing institution (most likely your bank) will report the status of the newly authorized user to major credit bureaus, thereby helping to improve their credit profile.

    The process is secure, easy, and a great way to earn money from your existing credit lines. You can sell as few or as many cards as you'd like. Learn more about how to sell tradelines today by continuing below.

    Requirements your tradelines must meet to sell with us:

    1. Be The Primary Account Holder
    2. Have A Spotless Credit History
    3. Maintain A Credit Utilization Under 10%
    4. Personal Cards Only (business credit cards are NOT allowed).

    We’re currently accepting cards with an account age of at least null years and a credit limit of $null or higher.

    If you meet all of the requirements above, we will be more than happy to help you make money from your good credit!

How Does Selling Tradelines Work?

    • So, how does selling your credit as a tradeline work? It's actually a very simple process. You get paid for temporarily adding authorized users to your credit cards, and then removing those users after a few weeks. There's really nothing else to it.

      What you need to know as a seller is that people want to save money on interest and reduce their down payments when applying for mortgages, auto loans, or other types of financing. The higher their credit score is, the more likely they are to be approved for loans with favorable terms.

    • turn credit history into money
    • In addition, there are many people who have very little credit history and want to build their credit. A credit report showing them as an authorized user of a strong card helps them receive the bump they need to get their first personal loan, a higher limit card of their own, or even secure their first new automobile. We help people like this every day by enabling them to purchase the status of an authorized user from "sellers", like you.

      When you begin selling tradelines you benefit from nothing more than having credit card accounts that show clean credit history, higher limits, a good account age, and a low credit utilization rate. When one of our interested clients "rents" an AU slot on your card, we pay you a generous commission with no delay.

    • benefit from credit cards
    • By spending just 30 minutes each month, you can make hundreds and even thousands of dollars. It's not a gimmick, and there are no hidden fees or surprises. Again, you simply add and remove paying users from your card account while collecting your commissions.

    • boost your score

Earnings Potential for Selling Tradelines with GFS Group

At GFS Group, our success is measured not just in dollars, but in thousands of dollars. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Proven Track Record: With nearly 10 years of experience, we have a solid reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. We only utilize secure methods, we manually screen all of our buyers to prevent fraud, and we've never had a breach of our clients' personal information.
  • Generous Commissions: Our sellers enjoy some of the most competitive commission rates in the industry, ensuring you're fairly compensated for your participation. We pay from $40 to $550 per order, based on parameters such as your card's limit, the account age, and even the card issuer. (For example: Discover and a few other bank's cardholders receive higher commissions).
  • Prompt Payments: We pride ourselves on paying commissions faster than any other tradeline company. When you sell tradelines with us, your hard-earned money is never kept waiting too long. We pay you on the 24th day after your card's statement day.
Lowest Commission $40 $0
Highest Commission $550 $450
Earliest Payment Date 24 days after adding an AU 40 days after adding an AU
All Authorized Users Manually Verified
Automated & Robust User Dashboard
Custom-Built Secure Platform

More Info About Selling Your Tradelines

You'll be surprised about how transparent we are. See the screenshots below of our internal admin panel showcasing our top active sellers and their earnings:

top paid cardholders

...and also a screenshot of a report showcasing how much we've paid out to our sellers over the last year:

boost your credit sc

Everything you need to know plus examples of income potential are displayed in the PDF file below. DOWNLOAD IT NOW

Is Selling Tradelines Safe And Legal?

First of all, rest assured, selling and buying tradelines is 100% legal. Banks and financial institutions are bound by the ECOA (Equal Credit Opportunity Act), which prohibits discrimination based on various factors, including marital status. This means you can legally be an authorized user on any cardholder's account offering their credit as a tradeline.

Second of all, we understand that security is paramount when dealing with tradelines. Rest assured, with GFS Group, your financial well-being is our priority:

  • Anonymity: Authorized users added to your cards never have access to your personal information, card digits, or address.
  • No Impact on Your Credit or Balance: Adding authorized users won't affect your credit score or balance. Your financial stability remains intact.
  • Strict Validation: We rigorously validate the personal information of authorized users in every order, ensuring NO fake IDs or harmful profiles enter your tradelines.
  • Risk Mitigation Guide: Our years of experience have culminated in a comprehensive guidebook to help you navigate potential pitfalls, ensuring a seamless tradeline selling experience.

It is 100% safe and legal. Trust our 8+ years of experience in this business.

    • legality of au tradelines

    According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), 1974, any kind of discrimination is not allowed by banks and financial institutions. This includes marital status, which means you can legally be an authorized user of any cardholder who is offering their credit as a tradeline.

    • Affiliate Program for credit repair companies, mortgage or loan brokers

    A tradeline broker or buyer never has access to a cardholder's account or credit report, and vice-versa. They cannot affect each one’s card's balance, nor the credit history in any manner. Over the years we haven't had a single case of unauthorized access to sensitive data of any parties involved.

    • Security

    We don't transfer your data to any third parties without your permission.

    We use modern cloud security technologies to keep your data 100% safe.

How To Get Started?

  • Step 1

    Complete our questionnaire to ensure that your credit cards comply with the basic requirements.

  • Step 2

    Sign up to create a personal account and start registering the age, date, and credit limit information of your credit cards.

  • Step 3

    We start selling your tradelines. You get notified, add the authorized users to your cards and then remove them when the period is over.

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