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  • GFS Group offers the most innovative AU tradelines platform in the industry. Our prices and discounts for Tradeline Brokers and Affiliates are second-to-none, and our service quality is unbeatable. We provide quality tradelines to help you achieve your business goals and ensure your clients are satisfied with the results. Our history in the industry speaks for itself, and we invite you to learn more about what we offer.

Our tradelines in a nutshell

    • Over 300 Authorized User Tradelines in Stock

    • over 250 authorized user tradelines available

    Get seasoned tradelines as old as 41 years and as large as a $63,000 credit limit. Multiple slots are available, starting at just $249.

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    • We keep AUs for 60 days (2 billing cycles) minimum

    • au tradelines for 60 days minimum
    • au tradelines for 60 days minimum

    Our experience shows that 30 days is often not enough for most clients to achieve desired results. That's why our tradelines are "60 days minimum."

    • We guarantee to post to two out of three major credit bureaus

    • our tradeline guarantee

    We do offer a 100% refund (or exchange) if your tradeline doesn't post to two out of three major bureaus at our fault. We also advise you on improving the chances for it to report to all three credit bureaus.

Plus, we offer permanent discounts based on your purchase volume

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Why Use GFS Group's Tradelines?

Fast & Easy Purchasing

  • purchase tradelines fast and easily
    • Save a ton of your valuable time with the most innovative tradeline platform in the industry

    • Purchasing tradelines is as easy as regular online shopping

    • Automated timely notifications

    • Enjoy your broker dashboard to track your order history and other info

    • Are you interested in a sold-out tradeline? Request the "notify me" option; we notify you when it becomes available

    • Place orders from your desktop computer or directly from your mobile device

Transparency, Support & Live Communication

  • reliable customer support for your tradelines
    • Customer-oriented communication & support that never lets you down

    • Our automated tradeline calculator provides an enhanced buying experience

    • Advanced tutorials, FAQs, and user guidelines for brokers

    • Fully embedded support ticketing system

    • Phone support/chats available for complex or urgent matters

Proven Track Record & Reputation for Quality

  • proven tradeline industry reputation
    • Over six years in the AU Tradeline industry

    • 5-star Customer Feedback Rating

    • Over 80% of our brokers return to us

    • Strict quality control of our tradelines, including utilization rate and spotless payment history

    • Variety in pricing and partnership options

The legality of AU Tradelines

It's 100% safe and legal. You can trust our six years of industry experience.

    • legality of au tradelines

    According to Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), 1974, discrimination of any kind is not allowed by banks and financial institutions. This includes a requirement to be a member of the same family or household, which means you can legally be an authorized user of any cardholder who is offering you to piggyback off their credit.

    • Affiliate Program for credit repair companies, mortgage or loan brokers

    A tradeline broker or buyer never has access to a cardholder's account or credit report, and vice-versa. As a result, they cannot affect each card's balance or credit history. Over the years, we haven't had a single case of unauthorized access to sensitive data of any parties involved. Learn more in our Ultimate Guide to Authorized User Tradelines.

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