Tradeline Brokerage

  • Affiliate Program for credit repair companies, mortgage or loan brokers
  • Expand your customer base by providing “CREDIT SCORE BOOSTING” as an additional service to your business!

    Now you can offer your clients a way to boost their credit score by using authorized user tradelines.

    Are you tired of sending clients away because you can’t help them? Perhaps you currently have some customers that are just points away from that approval and/or obtaining a lower interest rate on a loan, mortgage, etc. As we both know, a credit score boost could result in huge savings especially over the course of a 30 year mortgage!

    Basically, our service becomes your service and you would be placing the orders on behalf of your clients using our powerful, modern and easy-to-use platform! Our solution not only provides a huge inventory of AU Tradelines but our prices are also attractive and placing an order couldn’t be easier.

    Lastly, our score boosting service would allow you to operate as a “One Stop Shop” and this will end sending YOUR customers to other businesses that are already offering this solution!

    If you still have questions or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact our sales team at (302) 803-6217

    Guarantee details

    • We keep our clients on our tradelines for 2 months minimum
    • Tradelines will post on a minimum of 2 bureaus
    • The prices on the website reflect the fee for the entire aforementioned lease period, i.e. 60 days
    • After an Authorized User is removed from a tradeline, the tradeline stays as closed on your client’s report for up to 10 years and still continues to positively contribute to the credit profile all this time


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