F.A.Q About Authorized User Tradelines

What are tradelines?

What are the guarantees?

How to improve chances of posting your tradeline to all 3 bureaus?

Can I provide a CPN or any other number instead of SSN?

How big of a boost can I expect?

How much do tradelines cost?

How long does it take for a tradeline to appear on my credit report?

How long will a tradeline stay on my file?

What is our return/refund policy and disclaimer?

What is soft pull?

How do I place an order?

Do you work with CPNs or EINs?

Tips for selecting Tradelines

What documents do I need to purchase a tradeline?

How can I pay for a tradeline?

Can I purchase more than 1 tradeline at a time?

Can I extend a tradeline period?

Who is a cardholder?

Can I become a cardholder?

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