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  • using tradelines to improve your credit score
  • At GFS Group, one of our specialties is helping you quickly increase your credit score by purchasing authorized user tradelines. The days of believing home mortgages, affordable loans, or rent approvals are out of your reach are over. With a strong tradeline added to your credit profile, your score will improve and your financial options will expand greatly.

    You may have heard about tradelines before and how they work. Basically, someone's spouse or family member with great credit adds them as an authorized user (AU) to one of their credit card accounts. In turn, the limit, payment history, and utilization of the card will be reflected on the credit report of the authorized user. This leverage helps raise the user's overall score since their credit profile now displays the same usage, limit, and history of that card.

    Buying tradelines from our inventory works in exactly the same way as mentioned above. The only difference is you're paying for a fee-based anonymous process between you and our cardholders instead of acquiring the tradeline from a friend or family member.

    When you buy AU tradelines from us, you'll be added as an authorized user to the card (or cards) of your choice. Our tradelines all have a long and spotless credit history, high limits, and low credit utilization. The process is quick, painless, safe, and completely legal. Achieve the credit score you need and deserve today by buying tradelines from us and get the added benefit of our exceptional customer service and money-back guarantee.

How Authorized User Tradelines Work

    • choose your tradelines
    • 1. Choose Your Tradelines

      If you're planning to purchase tradelines, you need to determine which ones are best for your situation. It is essential for all tradelines on your credit profile to have low utilization and perfect payment history.

      Remember, the higher the utilization ratio is, the lower your score will be (you can see our FAQs for more info). The two main things you need to consider are the age of the tradeline (length of credit history) and the credit limit. Since the age contributes up to 50% of your credit score, it's a critical aspect of choosing the right card. The longer the history, the better. Additionally, the available limit affects your utilization ratio and contributes up to 30% of the credit score so this is also important when making your purchase.

      Keep in mind that the older and higher a credit line is, the more expensive it will be. This is because the primary account holder had to work harder to get and maintain these factors. To find the best fit for your needs and budget, we provide an algorithm-based suggestion to help you choose the best options. Note that the prices on our website reflect the fee for the entire lease period, i.e., for 60 days.

    • purchase your tradelines
    • 2. Purchase

      Simply create an account with us and place an order. We'll add you as an authorized user of your chosen cards. The only thing you'll need to provide is a photocopy of your real ID and your SSN.

    • boost your score
    • 3. Increase Your Credit Score

      Once you've been added as an authorized user, the age and credit limit of the tradeline will appear on your report at the end of the card's billing cycle when the card issuer reports to the major credit unions. For example, if the line has a positive credit history of 12 years, you will also now have 12 years of positive history. Shortly after, your credit profile will display this as an increase in your overall credit score.

Watch a short tutorial video on how authorized user tradelines work. Following these step-by-step instructions on selecting a tradeline and making an order, you can quickly improve your credit score in the next two months. In addition, we offer an exhaustive list of live tradelines, easy order processing and fulfillment, and a trustworthy partnership.

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Authorized User Tradelines Are Safe And Legal

In 1974, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) was enacted as one of the US laws regulating the activities of banks towards credit applicants. Regulation B of that law prohibits discrimination on many factors, including, for example, marital status, which means you don't have to be spouses with the cardholder or even know each other personally to be an authorized user of their credit card.

In 2008-2009 Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) wanted to exclude authorized users from credit scoring due to morals. However, it changed its decision because of the ECOA and canceled its application to Congress.

There were no allegations of AU tradelines becoming illegal from any institutes since then, so as a buyer, you don't need to worry about the legality of this matter.

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    You can increase your credit score by many points in just one month. When you buy AU tradelines from us, you become an authorized user of credit cards with a long and spotless credit history, as well as high limits and very low credit utilization. Such tradelines added to your report increase your own credit score.

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