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Before placing an order, please follow these steps to get the results you need! It will increase the chances of tradelines posting to all three credit bureaus, but it will also avoid any delays.

1) REVIEW ALL three CREDIT BUREAUS REPORTS before placing an order with us.

2) For Barclays and Chase: Your address, name, and DOB must match your client's credit report information ACROSS ALL three credit bureaus.

3) For ALL banks: First and Last name and DOB must match your credit report information ACROSS ALL three credit bureaus.

4) If there are any discrepancies between credit reports, please request the credit bureaus correct them to make all your information congruent.

Before placing an order, these steps must be followed and without exception! Not only will it increase the chances of tradelines posting to all 3 credit bureaus but it will also avoid any errors and delays.


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      High-Quality Tradelines For Sale

      If you’re seeking the industry’s finest tradelines for sale, look no further. Our large inventory features a broad selection of high-quality tradelines to meet the needs of almost any credit profile. Our goal is to help you discover the tools that hold the potential to push your credit score to where it needs to be, at exactly the right time.

      From seasoned cards with an old age to cards with high limits and everything in between, we carefully hand-select what is available for our clients to purchase. We are constantly trying to maintain the perfect balance between quality and diversity. It’s something we take pride in, and something that we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

      Before publishing tradelines to our website they must undergo a strict review process which includes meeting special sets of requirements. Think of it like this – if we wouldn’t be willing to use them ourselves, you won’t find those tradelines for sale here at GFS Group. Our unique hand-picked vetting process allows us to maintain a level of excellence that is hard to match in this industry.

      What Can I Achieve Through Buying Tradelines?

      First off, authorized user tradelines are an excellent tool for improving your credit score. They work quickly and efficiently to improve the credit profiles of people who don’t have outstanding credit issues like late payments, collections, or delinquencies. When you’re added as an authorized user to the right type of credit line with the characteristics that benefit your credit profile, your credit report will reflect that status via an increase in your credit score. This opens up a world of possibilities for your financial future, especially if you use your heightened credit score strategically.

      However, finding tradelines for sale and buying them is different than being added to the card of a friend or family member. Mainly, there is a cost involved. Secondly, they’re only temporary. Buying a tradeline can provide you with a solid window of time in where your credit score (which has been raised due to your authorized user status) can function towards your best interests. This could be when applying for home or auto loans, showing more creditworthiness to personal lenders, or ensuring that you don’t miss out on a job or rental opportunity.

      If you are seeking a way to grow your credit and don’t have the person who is ready, capable, and willing to add you as an authorized user on their credit card, then seeking out tradelines for sale is often the only way to acquire the same financial opportunities as others. If you require more information or want to learn the full details, see our Ultimate Guide to Authorized User Tradelines today - it doesn’t cost a thing and covers everything imaginable about how and what you can do by becoming an authorized user.

      Which Tradelines Are Right For You?

      Are you trying to lower your overall credit utilization? Do you require a longer credit history? Maybe your credit is already solid but you still need a higher score to aid in financing a home or vehicle. Each situation is different, and this means that the perfect tradeline (or tradelines) depend entirely on your profile and your intent. If you’re unsure about getting started and prefer to have the aid of an expert, simply reach out to us for a free personal consultation. We’ll answer any questions you have, address any concerns, and provide you with the information and confidence you need to know which tradelines are right for you. Once you’re ready to buy, you can rest assured that GFS Group always has tradelines for sale that will fit seamlessly with your goals.

      In the case that you want to buy multiple tradelines, or are seeking something very specific, please contact us today and we’ll point you in the right direction. Please keep in mind that since our inventory changes constantly, some of our high-demand cards may require a wait time.

      *Additionally, please note that new tradelines for sale are always arriving. These may not yet be published on our site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please consult with us directly.

      How Does GFS Group Compare To Other Tradelines For Sale?

      Choosing us as your trusted tradeline provider is a very wise decision. We combine expert knowledge, top-tier customer service, high quality tradelines, and a level of commitment to our clients that is second-to-none. It’s been that way since the day we first opened our doors, and it will always remain the same. Not only do we streamline the buying process and provide industry-leading security for your personal information, but we also take the required steps to ensure that each and every tradeline for sale on our site is safe, legitimate, and in excellent shape.

      We don’t employ shady practices, and we don’t pressure you into buying. Our tradelines and our customer service team are both ready to get to work for you, without excuses. Instead of luring you in and then being unavailable when you have questions or require help, we encourage your participation and interaction. In addition, we offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee if the tradelines you buy from us don’t appear on at least 2 of the 3 major credit bureau reports.

      When you or someone you know is seeking tradelines, we can assure you that working with us will be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

      Selecting The Tradelines That You Want To Buy

      Maybe you’ve been in contact with us previously and are ready to make a purchase. Maybe this is your first visit but you’re experienced and see tradelines for sale that you want to buy immediately. Whatever the case may be, the process is simple.

      If you’ve already decided the specific cards you want, simply click the "add to cart" button and proceed to the checkout. If you’re trying to save time and wish to locate groups of potential tradelines by their account age, credit limit, or card issuer, you can apply various search filters using our custom purchasing platform above to easily refine your search. Our easy-to-use tools allow you to make purchases of any size with a smooth, hassle-free transaction that only takes minutes. Our buying process is simple, straightforward, and transparent.

      If you require assistance for your purchase, we’re here to help. Our customer service team is friendly, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable. We want to be sure you make the correct decision the first time around - helping to save time, money, and potential problems. We take great joy in preventing and eliminating the hassles you might encounter when buying tradelines from other companies.

      Why Should You Buy Tradelines From Us?

      With nearly 10 years as specialists in this industry, we’ve gained the trust of our clients through our expertise, our personal attention, and our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our strength is in our ability to be sure that your tradelines post to the credit unions properly and on-time, while always being readily available to assist with any questions or concerns. Furthermore, our reviews come from real, genuine, satisfied customers - and they speak volumes about us and how we work.

      The team at GFS Group is dedicated to making your credit goals much easier to meet, and we’ve had a great level of success. We’ve helped thousands of people gain the financial traction they deserved, and we’ll do our best to deliver the same to you.

      We’ve heard stories of people buying tradelines from companies who employ expert salesmen, yet they are never there to assist once the sale has been made, or don’t respond with customer service when you need them. That’s bad business, and it’s for that same reason that we urge our customers to do their research before buying tradelines.

      All of our tradelines for sale come with a money-back guarantee. If they do not post to at least 2 of the 3 major credit bureaus, we will refund your money or replace them by issuing tradelines of equal or greater value.

      You won’t find a more helpful, friendly, and dedicated company who offers tradelines for sale than GFS Group. That’s the commitment we’ve made to ourselves and to our name. The difference is clear and you’ll know it right away.