How Authorized User Tradelines Work

Watch a short tutorial video on how authorized user tradelines work. Following these step by step instructions on how to select a tradeline and make an order you can easily improve your credit score in the next 2 months. We offer a large Tradelines live inventory, an easy order processing and fulfillment , and a trustworthy partnership.

    • Boost your credit score fast with GFSGroup

      1. Choose tradelines

      If you’re planning to purchase tradelines, you need to determine which ones are best for your situation. It’s important that the tradelines have low utilization and perfect payment history. Remember, the higher the utilization ratio is, the lower your score will be. The main things you need to keep in mind are the age of the tradeline (length of credit history) and credit limit. Generally, people with a longer credit history have higher credit scores. Age contributes up to 50% of your credit score, so it is a major factor when choosing a tradeline. Therefore, the longer the history, the better. Moreover, the credit limit affects your utilization ratio, which contributes up to 30% of the credit score. The prices on the website reflect the fee for the entire aforementioned lease period, i.e. for 60 days. We provide an algorithm-based suggestion to help you choose the best tradeline for you.

    • Boost your credit score fast with GFSGroup

      2. Purchase

      Create an account and place an order. We will add you as an authorized user of the chosen tradelines. You will only need to provide a photocopy of your real ID and SSN number.

    • Boost your credit score fast with GFSGroup

      3. Boost Your Score

      Now that you’ve been added as an authorized user, the age and credit limit of the tradeline will appear on your report. Meaning, if the tradeline has a positive credit history of 12 years, you will have 12 years of positive history on your report as well. Your credit score will increase shortly after.

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    You can increase your credit score by many points in just 1 month. When you buy AU tradelines from us, you become an authorized user of credit cards with a long and spotless credit history, as well as high limits and very low credit utilization. Such tradelines added to your report considerably increase your own credit score.

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