From recent news this week, we've learned that FED interest rate hikes will most likely continue over the course of the next year. However, at this point in time it's impossible to know when they'll happen and how big (or small) they could be. If there's one thing we do know from all of this, it's that when the interest rates are raised, credit card interest rates also go up. And in turn, when credit card interest rates go up, tradelines are affected. Allow us to explain and give a bit of insight on what to expect when buying tradelines in 2024.

This past year we've seen how rising interest on credit cards have caused people's minimum monthly payments to increase. We also noted that this rise in minimums often results in less of the overall balance being paid. What results from that is higher average balances, increased debt, and higher credit utilization. Individual cases will vary, of course, but at the end of the day using your credit card becomes more expensive unless you're paying the bill in full each month. If not, the tendency or potential for default increases and the burden of higher payments may become problematic for some credit card users.

How Do Rising Interest Rates Affect Tradelines?

Rising interest rates affect almost all things financial, including any types of loans that don't have fixed-rate interest. As mentioned above, the average card balance and potential for default increases as the interest rates rise. This is because credit cards have variable interest rates.

Growing balances and bigger monthly payments could mean that fewer and fewer people are able to maintain credit reports without negative marks. In other words, there's a certain level of added financial stress that may result in less-than-stellar credit.

For example, if your mortgage or car payment rises and inflation doesn't calm quickly enough, a larger number of people will have a more difficult time making ends meet. With housing affordability recently at record lows and rising rent costs, we could see a continued trend of increased credit card use. This kind of snowballing makes it's easy to imagine a short-term (or longer) case of late payments, and the possibility for overall falling credit scores among the general public.

We're not saying that everyone is going to default and max out their credit cards, nor are we saying that the financial future looks bleak and miserable. We're simply explaining that with such large numbers of individuals and families who already struggle with excess credit card debt, rising interest rates don't make things easier. In addition, those who are hoping to buy a new car or a new home with financing may see less options from lenders and tightened restrictions - on top of the already tighter than normal lending scene. With a few basic metrics in mind and the ability to understand that more debt means more difficulty in repayment, loans could become more and more difficult to acquire over the next 12 to 24 months. But where does that put tradelines? In a middle of a messy situation.

If the demand for better credit scores increases rapidly, it's good for people who own tradelines companies - at least those who can keep a good inventory. However, those same circumstances may cause the people with the best tradelines for sale to demand premium prices due to the simple law of supply and demand.

Another potential situation is that sellers of authorized user tradelines themselves, or, the cardholders, may become weary about needing their credit in an emergency as their savings dwindle, and be much less inclined to offer their credit to those in need of buying tradelines. This could cause a serious shortage of tradelines that not only sends pricing much higher than normal, but also very difficult for the average person to obtain. The selection may grow weaker, and therefore only the people with the most money will be able to buy tradelines that fit their exact needs. Only time will tell, and there are a lot of factors.

The Average Tradeline For Sale Could Be Much Better in 2024

There's a good chance that in light of all the hardships resulting from higher interest rates that the availability of tradelines might actually improve, if not by quantity, at least in quality.

If demand draws in higher prices, those with exceptionally large limits and old card ages may begin to take notice and capitalize on that. In terms of pricing structure for a tradeline, we can't really be sure of the effect this would have. However, it could end up being that the average tradeline - again, even if they're less abundant - would bring a better overall result for the credit score of the typical buyer. And if that means anything to anyone, it could mean that the actual power of the average tradeline would actually grow stronger.

There's definitely a lot to consider, but anything is possible.

What Should I do If I Plan On Buying Tradelines in 2024?

First off, be prepared. Have the cash on hand to buy immediately, know what, where, when, and why you plan to buy your tradeline(s), and be ready to move on a moments notice. Industries are shifting quickly, while expert outlooks and predictions - not to mention the actual status at any given moment can change radically from week to week.

Secondly, get started learning everything you need to know about tradelines and how they affect your credit score. If you are new to the world of buying authorized user tradelines, you have plenty of time to educate yourself and then use your knowledge to keep an eye on potential inventory. You might even decide to make your big purchase or finance much sooner (or much later) than anticipated. The best thing to do is begin with making sure your own credit is in order and everything on your credit reports is correct and ready to go so that when the time comes to make your move, you'll reap the best benefit possible for each dollar you spend.

We'll continue to keep you updated as we see things change. For the time being, we wish you all financial success. If you have any questions or concerns regarding buying tradelines in 2024, don't hesitate to contact us today for info.