A lot of things about the way authorized user tradelines work isn't common knowledge for the average person. The same can be said for people seeking tradelines for sale. Most people who are looking to buy tradelines don't really understand exactly which ones are best suited for their needs, goals, or for their specific credit profile in order to get the best performance possible.

In other words, if you want to be sure that you'll get the maximum benefit, you need to know not only what you're buying but why.

We could start by giving an example of someone who's looking to buy tradelines so they can raise their credit score high enough to purchase a vehicle with no money down, or maybe with a much lower interest rate. Let's assume they already have credit that's better than normal, and their payment history is great. But if they found the perfect tradelines for sale and purchased them strategically to fit the missing pieces or gaps in their credit report, they can easily make a significant change in their credit score, almost instantly transforming them into a candidate for more agreeable financing - including a much lower down payment or lower interest rates.

However, this buyer won't have the same probability of such positive results or the opportunity to meet the requirements set by the finance company if they go out and grab the most expensive tradelines they can find without doing a proper analysis first.

Don't Start Randomly Looking For Tradelines For Sale

When you are added to a credit card account as an authorized user, you're literally leveraging the credit history and data of that specific account for all it's worth. If you already have high credit limits and perfect payment history, how can buying tradelines help you? First off, you can acquire cards with even higher credit limits - but you need to do so with caution. If those higher limit cards haven't been open much longer than the average account age of your own existing cards, you'd be missing an opportunity to expand your overall account age. In that situation, you could choose to completely ignore the credit card limit (since the credit limit on a report is measured as a total) and opt to purchase a card with the oldest account age. Depending on your personal credit report details, it might be exactly what you need to push your score into the area you're looking to be at. But - how many years is the right amount? And how do you know that the extra credit limit wouldn't be helpful too?

When Buying Tradelines, You Must Have Variety

Variety is the key. If you're buying tradelines for sale and really want to squeeze every last drop of potential out of your purchase, you need a good variety of tradelines to choose from. You also must have a sense of understanding of where your own credit runs short and how buy correctly.

You're probably saying "Well how can I be sure? How do I know what's the best for me? I'm going to spend a healthy amount of money to potentially save much more in the long run, and I need the odds to run in my favor. I can't screw this up!"... And that's exactly what you should be saying. That's also why using a tradeline company with a diverse inventory and knowledgeable customer service is so important. You'll probably need a little help, and you might even find yourself totally confused. Either way, there's nothing to worry about. GFS Group has a large inventory of cards that are hand-picked by us. While many companies in the industry accept any card that comes their way so they can make a buck, we systematically evaluate our inventory, strategize, and plan based on a lot of different factors. From the amount of cards we're currently holding to the state of financial affair and even the season, we make it our goal to be ready for any type of customer who comes to us.

Not only do we have a large inventory, we also know how each card in our inventory should theoretically respond to your specific credit profile if and when you become an authorized user. While we can't make guarantees on anything (especially on specific numbers) it's quite easy for the trained eye to know what's best in any given situation. As experts in our field, we have an excellent success rate of satisfied customers who came to us with practically zero understanding of what they truly needed. We also have resources, guides, an immense amount of knowledge and information in our blogs, and even our own specialized tradeline calculator that can aid in determining the proper purchase(s) for you. We're always just a phone call or an email away and ready to give you personal insight into what's going to provide the biggest advantage to your credit for each and every dollar you spend.

Tradelines For Sale That Fit You Perfectly

As we've been discussing, variety is priority and you must know how to chose. You could almost compare buying tradelines to shopping for pants if you wanted to. For example, if you don't know your size or if you don't care how they fit you can just buy any pants from the rack as long as they fit around your waist. While they'll all cover your legs, they may not exactly workout very well. You might need a belt, or they may be too loose or too tight for you to run easily, or they could even cause you to become slower as they drag along across the ground with each step you take. When you buy the right tradeline (or even a package of tradelines for sale if that's what you require), you can be sure that you know what you're getting into and have the confidence that you'll have good results and your money was well spent.

With over 360 carefully selected tradelines for sale in our inventory, we're confident that we can set you up with the best chances for success. You'll be able to choose from a variety of different banks, cards with a unique blend of credit limits and card age, plus an always flawless payment history. Whatever the story is, we have the perfect product for you. If your credit profile is young and you need to fatten things up a bit, we can help. If you have great credit and are having a hard time improving it, or thinking you'll never find the path to better financing term, we can help you too. It's simply a matter of having the right tools for the job.