When we write articles concerning the general economy and financing, we usually speak quite a bit about the housing market. Why? Because our business is to provide tradelines for sale and one of the largest purchases you can make is a home. Having a better credit score means lower interest rates and favorable repayment terms on your new mortgage, and since tradelines affect your overall credit, the two subjects naturally go hand in hand.

While we've already spoken a decent amount about the topic, housing is an extremely big part of our economy and plays an important role. The affordability - or in this case the lack of affordability of housing - affects how the general public perceives the economy. It also changes the way we think and feel about money, our investments, and the future. The housing market touches everyone in one way or another, and this is unavoidable. If you're a homeowner, you're seeing it as the value of your asset or investment. If you're a renter, you'd see the housing market as a monthly cost. If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, timing can be crucial and mean all the difference in the world. No matter which way you look at it the housing market is always discussion-worthy and any relevant news or announcements will always spark the interest of the general public.

As of last fall, surging rates and combined with elevated pricing pushed many would-be buyers out of the market. The general consensus seemed to be that it was best to wait things out as prices would level off and mortgage rates would drop. And they did, well, at least for a short time. But now it seems like things might be exactly as they appear. The latest data shows that on average, only 21% of homes are affordable - the lowest rate ever recorded. In addition, less new home listings appeared in January than any month previously recorded, of course, with the exception of April 2020. Generally speaking, these are not good signs - even if the average price of homes may be dropping slightly. You can learn more about the current situation regarding the housing market in a detailed report released today by Redfin.

It was only last week that we discussed the housing market and the need to be prepared for anything, but with official numbers now showing that the housing situation in the USA is still in dire straights, we can say with complete confidence that there's no better time than now to be ready to move on a new home. Again, this means having your eye on something and being ready to pull the trigger on that mortgage loan at any moment. During these times of high interest rates the best tool you can have (apart from cold hard cash) is excellent credit. At GFS group, we can assist you in making that happen with our quick, safe, and completely legal process of buying tradelines.

If you're ready to buy your first home or sell your home to upgrade to something better, your credit score will play a large role in your ability to negotiate and/or receive much more likeable loan terms. We're not talking about a few hundred dollars either - we're talking about the difference of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And whether you like it or not, at this moment in time, there are no visible signs that easier times are waiting around the corner in regard to the economy or the housing market. As negative as it may sound, it's a harsh reality for many of us. And if better credit is the key to getting yourself into a new home at an affordable cost, than tradelines just might be your best bet at this moment.

We're not financial advisors but we certainly know enough to be able to say with confidence that the housing market's stability is low and so are the expectations of most analysts. What happens over the next 12 to 18 months will most likely not be in favor of the majority who are seeking to acquire a good deal on a fair and affordable home.

Visit us right now, kick the home-buying blues, and begin focusing on something that you have control over. Get that credit score up to its maximum and get into the house you deserve, at a price that's affordable. Nobody will do it for you, and if you don't take action the only thing you can do is wait and be reactive. Sooner rather than later is the name of the game, and we've got you covered with a large, high-quality inventory of tradelines for sale.

Don't wait around if you already can't afford to. The time for action is now. Be proactive and take control of your financial future by employing tradelines as a catalyst for a much better credit score.