So, You're Ready To Buy Tradelines? Hang On A Minute...

If you've decided it's time for tradelines to become a part of your life, then lets skip all the nonsense and cut directly into the meat of things. It doesn't matter if you're trying to have equal access to credit, get a better auto loan, improve your credit score before buying a home, or even just ensuring you're ready to apply for a small personal loan. You already know how and why tradelines can help.

But there are some things that often go untold. You might not be warned, you might not have learned, you might not understand, and the place you decide to obtain your tradeline - whether it's from a family member or a buying tradelines from a company - might not know either.

What we're here to do today is simple. Assuming (as the article title says) you're going to buy tradelines, there are 3 important things you must know about. With this information at hand, you'll save precious time and money. You'll also make things easier on yourself regarding your purpose for the tradelines, and the overall effect they'll have on your credit score.

So, with that said, let's get started. The three most important things to know before buying tradelines....

1.) Never Buy Tradelines From A Source You Cant Trust

If you're searching for recommendations or reading google reviews, you have to realize that you can't always count on the appearance. Review can be faked, and a fancy website or a few well-made videos doesn't mean your customer service will be top-notch if something goes wrong. In the case of an urgent issue, is there really someone to reach out to? Are they genuinely helpful? Will they provide a legitimate resolution or just brush you to the side with never-ending excuses?

If you haven't strongly considered the above factors, do it now. If not, you're not prepared for safely buying tradelines. Remember that we're talking about your credit profile here - it's a big deal and you don't want a negative impact to ruin your hard work. You're looking for a tool to leverage, not a headache. In order to accomplish that and avoid problems, make personal contact with the seller. Ask them a few questions. Test their patience and judge their reaction and demeanor. Are you pressured into buying? Are you given time to explain yourself? Are you asked important and relevant questions that relate to your purchase instead of just listening to a sales pitch or tactic?

You need to know that you're in good hands. Stay away from buying "value tradelines" from forums, ebay, craigslist, or other random places. Use a legitimate business that has real reviews. Make sure they are willing to help you, and that there's always a backup plan. Ask them about their guarantee, and ask them about their security and how they protect your privacy. Each and every one of these little factors will make a big difference in ensuring a smooth, trouble-free experience. From your purchase of the tradelines to the time they post to your credit report, you deserve actual service - not just a simple instruction after providing a payment.

2.) Understand That The Biggest Factor Of A Tradeline Is Age

When we consider how authorized user tradelines actually affect the credit score of an indivudual who's become an authorized user, we have quite a bit to consider. First, your credit must be as clean as possible. Second, you need to strategize and make the purchase or purchases that suit your goals - not just buy the most impressive or expensive tradelines available and hope for the best. Third, you must understand that there is a certain amount of knowledge that comes with time and experience in dealing with tradelines. Although nothing is guaranteed, some parts of what makes a tradeline so valuable are well-known.

At first thought you may assume the card with the highest limit (credit limit) is going to be the best purchase and have the strongest effect on your credit profile, and therefore your overall score. But let's stop and think about that for a minute.....

Does a high credit limit truly imply responsibility? Does it show you've worked very hard for your credit and that an individual can only be granted a high limit credit card by being in excellent credit for long periods of time? Absolutely not! If you're paid extremely well and can prove it, you can easily obtain a card as a primary holder with a very respectable limit. But here's the catch:

A high limit doesn't prove responsibility - and that's what credit scores are all about.

A credit card with an old age and perfect payment history is much more valuable than one with a high limit in most instances. Furthermore, a well-aged card will most likely have a respectable limit since the card issuer will continually increase the tradeline over the years. And combining those two things makes for the absolute strongest leverage that any tradeline can give you.

Before you buy a card with a $15k limit and a 3-year age, ask yourself - do you really know what you're doing? If in doubt, contact the tradeline company for assistance. Any respectable seller will know this and guide you in the proper direction. Again, you're building trust with the credit bureau algorithms - not trying to impress them with a show of income.

3.) Always Have A Strategy That Conforms To Your Needs

Since each person is different, the decisions that must be made to get the maximum benefit are also different. There is a plethora of potentiality when credit algorithms come into play.

If you have an excellent payment history but don't make much money, your limits are probably not too high. If you haven't had enough revolving accounts, that also will affect the outcome. The amount you spend each month when cross-referenced with your current balance and the size of your monthly payments is a large consideration. And let's not forget your overall utilization, your age, and the amount of money you make or the intentions you have for wanting to buy tradelines in the first place.

Authorized user tradelines are not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, sometimes you'll need to wait around for an occupied card to open up so you can purchase that tradeline if it gives you the best opportunity. But how do you know what, when and how to manage this all?

First, you can do your own research. You can learn a lot this way, but it takes time and patience. You might need to dedicate a couple days worth of time before you really understand what you should be buying. Secondly, you can reach out to the tradeline company (or more than one) and ask them for their personal recommendations. Then compare and contrast, and make an educated decision based on what you've already learned. In the first section of this article we spoke about the importance of purchasing from a company you can trust, and that can really be a big bonus for you when discovering the ideal setup for you.

Get Started Buying Tradelines Now

As we mentioned, this article is for those who already comprehend the basics of buying authorized user tradelines and the general idea of how it all works. But as we've shown in this article, there's always more to it than meets the eye.

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