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Before placing an order, please follow these steps to get the results you need! It will increase the chances of tradelines posting to all three credit bureaus, but it will also avoid any delays.

1) REVIEW ALL three CREDIT BUREAUS REPORTS before placing an order with us.

2) For Barclays, Chase, Citibank: Your address, name, and DOB must match your client's credit report information ACROSS ALL three credit bureaus.

3) For ALL banks: First and Last name and DOB must match your credit report information ACROSS ALL three credit bureaus.

4) If there are any discrepancies between credit reports, please request the credit bureaus correct them to make all your information congruent.

Before placing an order, these steps must be followed and without exception! Not only will it increase the chances of tradelines posting to all 3 credit bureaus but it will also avoid any errors and delays.


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      We provide some of the industry's finest tradelines for sale. Our large inventory features a broad selection of high-quality authorized user tradelines to meet the needs of almost any credit requirement. From obtaining better interest rates to being approved for loans that you otherwise couldn't get, our job is to help you position your credit score to where it needs to be, at exactly the right time.

      From tradelines with high limits to seasoned cards with very old age, we carefully hand-select what is available for our clients to purchase. We're always trying to maintain the perfect balance between quality and diversity, and we feel this puts us ahead of our competitors.

      Are you trying to lower your overall credit utilization? Do you require a longer credit history? Whatever the case may be, you can easily use our unique purchasing platform to apply search filters and find the tradelines for sale that suit your needs. If you require assistance, we're also here to help you chose the correct cards for any situation. Our customer service team is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We will gladly help you make the right decisions the first time around - saving time, money, and many of the hassles that often arise when buying tradelines from other companies. In addition, when you're ready to make your purchase, the process is simple and straightforward.

      Your credit score is one of the most powerful tools you can leverage financially, and authorized user tradelines are the most powerful tool to legally and rapidly increase that score. There is no other process that has the strength to consistently perform quickly, efficiently, and with the simplicity of a tradeline. If you need to improve your credit report, do your research now and then buy tradelines with complete confidence. They are a proven key for success and an excellent opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

      Browse our selection above to get an idea of what we offer and make your purchase with a smooth, no-hassle transaction within minutes.

      If you are considering buying multiple tradelines or are seeking something very specific, please contact us today and we'll point you in the right direction. Since our inventory changes constantly, some of our high-demand cards may require a wait time. However, it’s not uncommon for us to have additional tradelines which have just arrived or are currently arriving and may not yet be published on our site.

      Choosing GFS Group as your provider is a wise decision. Our expert knowledge and the commitment to our clients is second-to-none. It's been that way since the day we first opened our doors and will always remain that way. When you or someone you know is seeking tradelines for sale, we can assure you that working with us will be a pleasant experience.

      We are dedicated to making your financial goals much easier to meet, and we've had a great level of success with our clients. GFS Group has helped thousands of people gain the financial traction they deserved, and we’ll do our best to deliver the same to you.