If we had just one chance to improve our credit score with minimal work, minimal effort, and as quickly as possible, what would we decide to do? Naturally, we'd buy tradelines. Well, at least that's what we would do if we didn't have any serious existing problems in our report like late payments, defaults, or accounts that are (or were recently) in collections.

Being very experienced in this industry and having a deep understanding of how both credit cards and credit scoring work at the core, we are naturals at working through the ins-and-outs of tradelines. We also know that there's no legal method that can work quicker or more powerfully to raise your credit score apart from eliminating (or seriously lowering) aan extremely large credit balance all at once.

When you need to improve your credit score and your report is clean and in good standing, tradelines are the best financial tool out there, hands down. That is a difficult fact to argue against because it's true. At the end of the day - and considering what they can help you achieve in terms of financing, securing a home, or getting a great job - there is literally nothing that works better.

Please keep in mind the fact that Tradelines are not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you have a very high amount of credit utilization, they won't serve you as well as they could if perhaps your utilization was lower. The good news is that depending on the tradeline purchase, they can still help push you up into a higher bracket.

The real increases, those big fat jumps that everyone wants to see in their credit score are truly obtained when you don't owe a ton of money (the words "a ton" are subjective, of course, as for some people that may be $1,500 while for others it may be $80k or more). For example, when you just need the extra age, limit, and payment history on your credit report that tradeline(s) can and will deliver. The less you owe right now, the more power a tradeline (or multiple tradelines) will have on boosting your score.

While nobody can guarantee you exactly how high your score will rise, the best results come when your report is clean - as we've mentioned above. And since any tradeline you'll be buying should have a flawless payment history, having a flawless payment history of your own makes things work to your advantage even more fiercely.

Why Are Tradelines So Powerful?

The main reason tradelines can make such a massive difference is because they're completely customizable. If you lack a high limit, you can purchase authorized user status on a high limit card. If it's overall credit age, then purchase the oldest card possible. The perfect payment history is a given, and just one more reason that your report will look better and result in a larger upward movement.

If you really want to make the biggest impact, you can purchase multiple lines, and ensure that each one has both an old age (what we call "seasoned tradelines"), plus a very high credit limit. These qualities are what generally determine the overall cost in the tradeline since they're more valuable to your score overall.

Another aspect of the power of tradelines is how quickly they work. Depending on the posting date of the card (the time which the billing period ends and the account status is sent to credit bureaus for posting), you can see your increase in less than just a few short weeks. Having this invaluable information and employing a specific strategy that allows you to arrange and plan for your financial applications makes your tradeline purchase even more valuable.

It's not always easy to plan properly or accordingly, but with a little insight and some help from a specialist, you can acquire the tradelines you need to get the absolute best results possible. The higher your budget, the better the results will be but don't assume that you can't see serious improvement without spending a small fortune.

Reach out to GFS Group's experts today for more information and details on discovering the tradelines that are a perfect fit for your credit needs and financial goals today. We're always ready to help our customers and welcome new ones. Our service, insight, inventory, and attention to detail is industry leading. You'll be pleased with your results, and we'll do our best to make the process smooth, quick, and painless - from start to finish.