If your credit report is clean and you're in need of a fast credit score increase, one of the best methods available is to find a company with high-quality tradelines for sale. By purchasing credit card tradelines you can achieve quick and impressive gains to your score with minimal work. No, they're not cheap, but nothing is nowadays and the cost is greatly offset by the benefits you'll receive especially when using them correctly.

When you buy a credit card tradeline you become an authorized user of the main cardholder. This results in credit card issuers reporting your status to the three major credit bureaus, which then account for this credit line when calculating your credit report. If you're able to find tradelines for sale that have a very high limit, an old age, and a perfect payment record, they can have a seriously impressive impact on your credit score. Let's learn a bit more.

The Authorized User Status

Becoming an authorized user means that you're technically allowed to use the credit of the card you've been added to. The primary cardholder must authorize this with their bank, and in turn, the bank will send the primary cardholder a secondary card for the authorized user. However, unlike a joint account, the primary cardholder is the sole entity responsible for any and all debt that accrues under this account so adding someone to your credit card could be risky if you're not careful. But when the primary cardholder offers their credit card tradeline for sale, the process is different. They are looking to make money by adding someone to their card who simply needs to increase their credit score. This authorized user will pay them, but will not receive a physical card - they'll only benefit from the status being added to their credit report and the subsequent rise in their credit score.

For decades people have added family members, spouses, and even good friends to their credit card accounts for no other reason than helping them to improve their credit score. The idea of businesses with tradelines for sale to the public is not a new one, but definitely is growing although it's still a rather unknown tool to most people. One of the best things about purchasing rather than having someone add you is the wide selection of choices you'll have, making it easier to target the needs of your current credit position and meet any specific goal you may have.

As an example, if a loan officer told you that your score is just a bit too low to get the loan you'd like without putting more money down, or that your credit utilization was just a tad too high, choosing a tradeline for sale that has a very high credit limit will lower your overall utilization and therefore increase your score. The same can be said for potential lenders who are seeking a longer credit age; a card (or several cards) with older age and clean histories can make a world of difference when they show up on your credit report. That small difference is often all that's required to secure the loan you need. The same can be said for those who can already gain approval but with a higher-than-average (or less desirable) interest rate or repayment term. Buying the right credit card tradelines can put your credit score in the position you need to save big amounts of money on interest rates over the term of 10, 20, or 30 years. Depending on the amount of the loan, spending a mere $1,000 buying tradelines could save you well over a hundred thousand dollars and in some cases much more.

The Differences in Tradelines for Sale

Not all tradelines are alike. In fact, practically no two are exactly alike. There are 3 or 4 main factors that are considered to be important when selecting the tradelines for sale that you want to buy. These include:

  • The Credit Limit
  • The Age of The Credit Card Account
  • The Credit Usage and Payment History
  • The Card Issuer

The credit limit is important because you always want to select a card (or cards) that have a much higher limit than your own. This will offset your credit utilization, increase your overall credit limit, and also increase your average credit limit. All of these are positive things that affect your score.

The age of the account is another big factor and is especially important for those who don't have a long history. Your payments might always be on time, but without several years of credit experience under your belt you won't be a prime target for lenders or special rates. Finding a tradeline for sale with an account age of 15 or even 20 years is like gold, because this will push your average credit card account age to a much higher number causing a helpful and very healthy increase to your score.

The utilization of any tradeline you buy should be near zero - at the absolute minimum so that it lowers your overall utilization rather than raising it. Finding a higher-limit card with low utilization causes your average to drop, while the payment history of the primary cardholder helps proves that you always pay on time and have no negative remarks. You'd never want to buy a tradeline that has been in a delinquent position or had missed or late payments.

The card issuer is one of the things that often goes overlooked, however, it can be critical when deciding. Some banks and credit card companies don't report to all 3 credit unions (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian). Furthermore, some cards have been known to not report authorized users at all - discover being one of the cards who sometimes does and sometimes does not do this, which means you're gambling when buying these tradelines.

I Found Tradelines For Sale But Are They Safe?

If you want to define safety regarding tradelines for sale, you absolutely must use a reputable company when making your purchases. This means going beyond the first page of their website. This means avoiding any and all tradelines you might find listed on forums, eBay, or craigslist for sale by individuals. It also means you need to check the terms, privacy policy, and any guarantees or conditions that are required from you as a buyer or offered by the seller.

Tradelines are a safe and legal financial tool that can help you accomplish things you'd never imagined possible in such a short time but they can also be a big headache if you don't check who you're buying from. Remember, this is a financial transaction and it involves your credit report - not exactly something you want to screw up. Be sure you do your research, know what you're getting into, and have confidence that what you're buying will serve the purpose that you need. If in doubt, give the company a call and ask questions. If they cannot provide answers or if they pressure you into making a quick purchase with little regard for your concerns you should stay away.

Additionally, keep in mind that you'll be required to provide your personal information to be added as an authorized user, so take your time to choose a good company who has a track record of taking great care with their client's security and handling of personal information. You don't want that data slipping into the wrong hands, and some tradeline companies have a reputation for carelessness in this area.

If you follow these basic guidelines and work with common sense when looking for tradelines for sale, you'll have no problem finding what you need. In the end, you'll be paying for a product that has the potential to change your life from a financial perspective, so there's no need to rush into it! Take your time and you'll be doing well in a very short time frame.