If you know anything about authorized user tradelines (a financial term also known as an AU tradeline) you'll know that they can help you improve your credit profile, your score, and ultimately your ability to enjoy a better and healthier financial future. There are plenty of places to find tradelines for sale, and supply is not an issue - although these financial tools are not extremely well-known. Despite the lower than average popularity, au tradelines are common enough that almost a third of all Americans are either using them right now or have used them in the past.

While buying tradelines has historically been a controversial subject, there's really no controversy about them when used among spouses or family members. It's a very common practice that's proven to work whether you're added as an authorized user by your grandmother, or by a complete stranger. However, those two examples require very different processes and are generally seen from very different perspectives in the eyes of the general public. Some things are perceived as good, and some as bad.

People work extremely hard for their great credit, and many of them view the selling authorized user statuses as immoral or dangerous. On the other hand, many people with excellent credit are more than happy to share their hard work with willing buyers while still being able to take pride in the hard work that was required to be able to do so. This second group of people are those who are the tradeline buyer's best friend. Why? Please, continue reading and allow us to explain.

Tradelines Are All About Quality

In many of life's circumstances, quantity is better than quality. If you are starving and require food, abundance is more important than variety. If you have a stack of $100 bills, it doesn't matter if some are crisp and clean while others are worn and dirty - each bill functions exactly the same and holds the same value. But when speaking about credit card tradelines and your credit report, this is not the case. In fact, it's quite the contrary.

The reason why becoming the authorized user of a credit card can help raise your credit score is for no other reason than the card's history. If the performance history of any given card ranks better than the average of the credit cards you currently hold, the effects will be positive. This is because credit bureaus use algorithms which function by using any and all available history, performance, and specifications of each credit line on your report to determine your final credit score.

How Is Credit Card Quality Determined?

If you want the best results to appear on your credit report, and if you want the highest score possible, you'll need to become an authorized user of the highest quality card (or cards) available to you. It's really that simple.

While understanding the above, it's equally important to understand that quality can be defined in various ways, and the qualities required to achieve optimal results are completely dependent on the individual credit situation. There is no doubt that a high-quality card is a high quality card. Still, certain qualities stand out for certain reasons, and this is what really matters when making your decision on which kind of card you require for the best personalized results.

There are only a few factors required to determine the quality of a tradeline for sale. These are as follows:

The Age Of The Credit Card The credit cards age is important in displaying a high-level of quality because the older a card is, the more history it has. When the history is perfect for a year or two, that's surely a good thing. But when you have a card that's been open and in use for 15 years, 20 years, or even longer it sends a very clear message to credit bureaus that this card should be well-respected. In a strange way, the age of a credit card speaks very strongly. For example, a card account that's been open for 20 plus years means there is a responsible, reliable, valued customer behind that card.

The Limit Of The Credit Card

While credit card limits will vary from bank to bank and card to card, the limit of a card is an excellent display of trust. Sometimes a very high credit limit is given to the primary cardholder for no other reason than their higher than normal income. For others, these limits are earned over long spans of time, via proving responsibility and gaining the confidence of the issuing bank or institution.

All credit card companies have different types of cards, and some of these card have capped limits. In other words, no matter who the cardholder is, the limit has a top end that can't be exceeded. The higher-level credit cards are the ones which are based more on the finances and qualifications of the holder, and the limits can often be extremely high.

The Payment History Of The Credit Card

If you have a perfect payment history and have never missed a payment, never paid late, and always paid your balance in full, your card's credit history would show as flawless. While this is an important factor for a high-quality card, it must align with the other above factors (credit age and limit) to be truly powerful.

A few months or years of unblemished history is great, but the highest quality tradelines for sale will have a perfectly history going back 10 or more years. Ideally, the entire lifespan of the card should have a perfect history for it to be truly considered as high-quality.

The Card's Overall Credit Utilization

The overall utilization of a credit card's tradeline is representative of the amount of credit currently used in comparison to the total credit line. If a card has a balance of 50% of its limit, then only 50% of its full line of credit would be available. This signifies (especially if the utilization is at 50% for several month or more) that the user is unable to pay the balance in full. While this is clearly ideal for the card-issuing bank since they'll be collecting interest, it doesn't translate into the best possible metric when calculating a credit score. For the best results, you want to be the authorized user of a card with near-zero utilization.

When all of the factors above are combined, and all are optimal, you have a very powerful financial tool and a high-quality credit card. It will show superb results upon the report of an authorized user, assuming their own credit is already clean and stable. But that still doesn't tell you which factors are the best for you at any given moment, so let's discuss.

How Do I Choose A Tradeline For Sale That's Perfect For Me?

When the time comes to buy a tradeline and you want to be sure that you're purchasing the highest-quality card, you need to know what you already have, what you lack, and why. These are all very pertinent to the success that you'll see reflected on your report as a higher credit score.

The key to getting the most for your money when you buy tradelines is to be sure you're filling in the gaps. This could mean that you have 4 or 5 cards and they have great payment history, but they lack age. It could also mean that you have several cards aged 10 years or more, but none of them have a limit of over $5,000. And when speaking of utilization, if it's not low, you'll need an extremely high limit card with almost no utilization to create an improved average. Let's take a look how this works below.

Quality and Performance Based on Card Age

Overall age of credit is determined by combining the age of all your open card accounts, and then dividing that by the number of cards to discover an average. If you have 4 credit cards and each one is 4 years old, your overall credit age is 4 years. If you only have two cards and one is 6 years old while the other is two years old, you would also have an overall credit age of 4 years. If you have two cards and one is a year old while the other is 3 years old, your overall credit age would be 2 years. It's quite simple to understand. In any of these examples, a card with an age of 6 years isn't going to make much of a difference for you. Ideally, you'd want a card with a bare minimum of 10 years, while 15-plus years would perform much better.

Quality and Performance Based on Credit Limit

The metric of the credit card limit is used as a whole, rather than the average used when calculating account age. It doesn't matter if you have 2 cards or 10 cards - the way to see the biggest increase in performance and the biggest increase in your credit score is by greatly expanding your total credit limit. As an example, if you have two cards and each has a $3,000 limit, your total credit limit is $6,000. In order to drastically raise your credit limit, you'll be needing to seek out cards with very high limits. Becoming the authorized user of a card with a $20,000 limit would push your limit from $6,000 to $26,000 - more than 300% higher. This calculates very well on your credit report. And buying two tradelines where each one has a $20,000 limit would put your overall credit limit at $46,000. A number that high can work wonders on your score, and is one of the reasons that finding the right tradelines for sale is crucial for optimizing performance. However, take note that higher limit cards will cost you more money.

Choose them wisely and use them wisely! When done right, they do work like a miracle.

Quality and Performance Based on Card Utilization

With what you've learned above about card age and limit, you should have a general idea of how utilization will also play it's part. The overall utilization - just as the total credit limit - is based on your total balances compared to your total available credit. The lower the utilization is, the higher your score will be. This is another case for someone who needs to buy high-limit cards to offset their utilization.

Are you using 24% of your current total credit limit? If your current total limit is $10,000 then this means your balance must be $2,400. If you want to quickly and easily cut that utilization down to just 12%, purchase a tradeline with a $10k limit. Likewise, a card with a $20k limit would cut your utilization down to only 6%. It's simple to understand, right?

As you can see, it's a combination off all the factors that make up a genuinely high-quality credit card tradeline. However, the individual factors are what can be the most significant to your specific position and what your credit report shows prior to becoming an authorized user. If you're not buying a quality AU tradeline, and if you're not buying what you actually need, you're not going to help yourself, and you're never going to reach the full potential of your credit score.

A Few Things To Know Before You Buy Tradelines

Before running out with your newly acquired knowledge looking for tradelines for sale and spending your hard earned money to improve your credit, we need to be clear about a few things. First and foremost, if you have bad credit due to recent late payments, delinquencies, or have accounts that are currently in collections buying tradelines is not your best option. You'll need to get your things in order and clean up any issues. Even the highest quality tradelines won't do much justice when figured into a blatantly bad credit report.

We should also mention here that you'll want to check all of your credit reports to ensure your personal information is correct in your credit report. Make sure their are no errors in any part of your report - from an incorrect name or address, to a negative remark or a late payment that shouldn't be showing. If you find something, get it taken care of right away. You don't want a tiny preventable issue to cause a problem with the performance of a tradeline purchase.

Secondly, purchasing tradelines is not the same as being added by a friend or family member. The purpose of purchasing a line of credit is purpose-driven and must be done with understanding, care, and attention to detail. You can learn more about this by reading tradelines from family vs. tradelines for sale, an article we previouly wrote which explains everything in great detail.

Finally, while quality is clearly a defining factor in your results you must consider your safety and security. You always want to work with a respected, well-rated and reliable tradeline company when making your purchases. You'll be required to provide your personal information just as required with any similar financial transaction, and you'll need to know that your privacy is paramount. This means you must stay away from shady sellers, fly-by-night companies, and other scams.

A genuine tradeline company will be obvious, and GFS Group is one of them. If you are ever pressured into making a purchase or have a hard time getting clear info from a seller about their products, this is a warning sign. You should always receive great attention and transparent, easy-to-understand information.

One great tip to test their knowledge is to contact them and ask a few questions that require a genuine response. If they can't give you solid answers or are unable to win your confidence, turn the other way because it's not worth the potential problems nor the hassle. The last thing you need is a stolen identity, or a situation where there is no customer service available when you require it most.

Get Out There And Go!

You should now have a great understanding of all the pieces that make up a quality tradeline, and why high-quality cards provide high quality results. If you're seeking more info, take a peek around our blog - we've written a lot and covered a ton of topics regarding AU tradelines. Use them to your full advantage and learn to employ these great tools with the utmost level of success.