When someone is introduced to the idea of buying tradelines they often become vulnerable to several misunderstandings and dangers. The thought of a soaring credit score in a very short period of time can cause an individual to be short-sighted and too focused on the end result, without properly understanding the concept, the steps involved, and the importance of properly executing the process.

This article aims to prevent you from being a victim of that hype. It should be interesting, informative, and provide you with a better understanding of why "hype" is a dangerous thing to ignore.

As a tradeline company with many years of expert experience, we've heard the horror stories and seen the unfortunate results. People can get overly-excited, jump on their phone or computer without done any research at all, and proceed to buy tradelines that end up doing nothing to imporve their credit, or actually hurt their credit. We've heard stories from customers about finding tradelines for sale on craigslist or eBay. We've heard about the promises of massive score increases, stolen money, fraudulent card usage, CPNs, and tradelines that never end up posting to their credit report.

Why does this happen? Well, usually it's plain ignorance or misunderstanding combined with a failure to understand the concept and the steps involved that will ensure a smooth and successful transaction. The end result is wasted money, wasted time, and in many cases damage to the individual's personal data or identity that can take an incredible amount of resources to straighten out.

Don't Be Afraid Of Tradelines

One of the things we really need to clarify is that nobody should be afraid of buying tradelines. Instead, they should be afraid of buying them while uninformed, buying them from unreliable or fraudulent sellers, or finding tradelines for sale that won't actually benefit their credit situation.

As a financial tool - regardless of what naysayers may claim - tradelines are proven to work wonders in very short periods of time as compared to traditional methods of credit score growth. However, this doesn't mean you can just go out and order them from the first source you find or simply buy the cheapest ones available and expect magic to happen. The reality is this: you are engaging in a purchase that could potentially harm your privacy, alter your credit profile, and leave you very vulnerable. The same can be said for any type of financial transaction, but the repercussions of making a rookie mistake with tradelines can be a hard and costly lesson to learn. The importance of implementing them correctly is the key, and the only way to do that is to know how it works, who you're dealing with, and what your realistic expectations should be.

Tradelines Are For Everyone... Or Are They?

With the exception of those who have credit scores around 800 or higher, finding a good set of tradelines for sale can be an extremely valuable investment in not only your credit score but your financial future as a whole. If you want to optimize your credit score quickly to take advantage of helpful opportunities to finance something or grow your own credit profile, we've yet to discover a more effective method than authorized user tradelines. And while we say "tradelines are for everyone", we don't mean that in the literal sense. We mean it from the perspective of the people who can and will actually benefit from it. With that said, here are the people who should not consider tradelines as a solution to improving their credit score:

  • Anyone with bad credit due to bad history of usage or repayment
  • People who are currently (or were recently) in collections
  • Those who have outstanding credit, late payments, and recent negative remarks
  • Individuals who have extremely high debt to income ratios, even if they're making on-time payments

Tradelines work excellently whether you have only a little credit history or many years of credit history, but they typically only work for those whose history is clean, free of bad marks, and free from frequent late payments. If you're in collections or have outstanding payments and debt, forgetting about trying to find tradelines for sale - you need to straighten out your situation with a financial advisor or a credit specialist. Tradelines fall into a completely different category of credit growth, and do not apply to people experiencing issues maintaining healthy credit habits.

While we know and understand that everyone makes mistakes, there's simply no way for tradelines to be of any help if you already have existing issues with your credit. The goal is to reach a goal, or achieve something that you have been working towards financially but cannot yet achieve because your score is short of where you need or prefer it to be.

Avoiding The Hype About Tradelines For Sale

There are two things to be discussed very briefly here - the negative hype, and the positive hype.

As we mentioned already there are a number of circumstances where big promises and desperation can cause positive hype that leads to nothing more than disappointment. This can also be attributed partly to sleazy salesmen and tradeline companies who don't actually care about their customers and bulding a trustful business relationship.

At the other end of the line there's quite a bit of negative hype surrounding the use of tradelines; especially tradelines for sale. Many people wrongly assume that this is an illegal practice, and that the only way to acquire them legally is directly from a spouse, for example. This is simple misinformation and lack of understanding. There's really not much more to say about that as we've covered these topics in excess on various occasions.

Whether the hype is negative or positive, the problem is it's hype. You're going to be convinced that what you learned or what you were told by an unqualified person (or someone who's simply a scammer) is a fact, and you're going to allow that - sometimes unintentionally - to control your opinion without having grasped the reality of the situation. The first thing you need to do to avoid the hype is do the proper research. You can get started here, and then make your informed decision on whether finding and securing tradelines for sale is a good and helpful approach for you.

We live in a world of information; so much that we actually call it the Information Age. There's no reason that anyone should be led into a situation that could be life-changing without understanding how that situation could end, the factors involved in that situation (before, during, and after), and the realistic potential for benefit.

While not everyone is equipped with the skills to determine what's best for them or to tell the difference between a legitimate opportunity and a scam, there are many steps that can be taken that can aid you in making the right decision. Just a few of these include:

  • Talking to a couple people who are authorized users on someone else's card - even if it's the card of a spouse or family member. Ask them if and how their credit score changed, and what their situation was like before being added as an authorized user.
  • Do some real research online. Don't just watch a video on youtube that promotes tradelines as being some magical tool, and don't watch a video that tells you to stay far away from the practice - both are examples of hype. Do research that matters.
  • Contact a few tradeline companies. Ask them about their process. Ask them to see their reviews. Ask them anything you'd like to ask. If something doesn't sit well with you, if you get a bad vibe, or if they have trouble answering your questions or simply pressure you to purchase the tradelines for sale that they're offering you should immediately turn away. You need to filter your potential provider and find someone who truly seeks to understand your needs and connect you with the proper products for optimal results.
  • Ask for referrals. You might know someone who has purchased tradelines before that has an excellent provider. That doesn't mean they'll be an excellent provider for you, but it's a great place to start.

You see, just because your best friend had a great experience (or a terrible experience) buying tradelines doesn't mean your outcome will be the same. The key is in becoming informed, learning what's right for you (if anything), and then making a decision based on your specific needs at the time.

Taking Action... One Step At A Time

As with anything, there is always the possibility for a delay, an error, or an unexpected roadblock. Yet what really matters is the ability to overcome and/or deal with these situations correctly and quickly. This is why most individuals should rely on tradelines for sale that come from a trusted, reliable, and experienced business with a solid history of not only delivering great advice combined with an excellent product, but ensuring that they're they're to help at all times - even if something were to go wrong.

Falling into the hype of tradelines is no different than succumbing to any other sort of hype. Impulsive decisions regarding financial transactions are never a good idea. Get acquainted, get informed, and get yourself ready to make a purchase with confidence. If you can't accomplish these few steps, it's probably not a good idea to endeavor into using tradelines as a tool to improve your credit.

If you're ready to learn, ready to discern, and ready to see real results than can lead to endless possibilities for your credit score and all the things that count on it, then take the steps required to make it happen. If you're still sitting on the fence, we'd be glad to speak with you. Contact us today with your questions or concerns and we'll point you in the right direction. Finding high-quality tradelines for sale is all about transparency, honesty, and a willingness of the seller to help you understand their product - whether you decide to buy them or not.

GFS Group has built our reputation on a foundation of transparency, honesty, and customer service that's second-to-none. So before falling victim to the hype, you owe it to yourself to investigate. We're here to work on your behalf, and it's been that way since the beginning.