As we continue to grow as a business, we constantly transform to industry demands and the particular requirements of our clients. As a leading tradeline company, we know that not everyone who's trying to find tradelines for sale has the same amount of knowledge in regards to what their doing. We also feel that as we progress and learn, we notice how more and more tradeline companies aren't delivering a completely honest service or product to their buyers.

The general idea is to go to a company who has tradelines for sale, tell them what you're trying to do, and then follow their lead. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies offering tradelines for sale whose primary concern is to sell you the most expensive option you can afford. Many times these businesses have employ sales people who aren't knowledgeable enough to really provide the best products for your needs. They oversell, under-examine, and simply don't have the experience required to make the biggest difference in your credit score or to prepare you for your specific credit needs. At GFS Group, we operate a bit differently. Not only do we give our customers the tools they need to decide which tradelines will work best for them but we also coach them through the buying process as needed with a deep understanding of their actual goal while offering additional ideas for improving their credit score.

You see, buying tradelines is generally considered a short-term solution for most people. Once they find the right tradelines for sale, they make the purchase and wait for their credit score to jump up. They then use the higher score to their benefit during the purchase period and that's it. End of story. But it doesn't have to work that way. There are several other things that can be done while your credit report is reflecting your higher score that can actually help you out for the long-term. In other words, you have the opportunity to "double-dip" and you'll probably never even be aware of it. Finding the right tradeline company (one like GFS Group) can make a bigger impact than just helping you temporarily raise your credit score, and we're here to tell you how and why.

Apply For The Extras While You Have The Chance

Let's say you've just bought a tradeline or two because you want to finance a new car or truck and get the best deal possible. Your credit profile is somewhat young, but it's clean and your tradeline purchase pushed you up from a score of 690 to 755. You go out and buy you new vehicle right away and everything goes well, but you still have almost well over a month of time for before you'll be removed as an authorized user. Now would be the perfect time to apply for a credit card or two of your own. If you play your cards right (no pun intended), you'll probably be able to qualify for a card that you might not have been able to get before - or maybe acquire it with a much higher limit.

In some cases, the new installment loan from your recently purchased automobile could help strengthen your chances of approval. In other cases - rather than waiting for it to appear on your report - you can apply for your new personal credit cards immediately after acquiring your new car. It all depends on your situation. And now that you know this, you can ask your tradeline company what they think is the best move based on your specific history and credit file. If they're good, they'll point you in the right direction and furnish you with the best information possible. Just keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed. With that being said, many people wouldn't even consider doing this if nobody had told them to try it.

Ask Important Questions And Get Important Answers

Apart from being sure that your purchase is safe, secure, and likely to get you the best results possible, it's important to ask the company if there's anything you should be aware of when seeking out tradelines for sale. Inform them what you plan to do with your improved credit score before buying, because certain types of financing require different credit requirements and not all credit cards are created equal. For example, if you're applying for a home mortgage loan, you'll need to review and revise your credit very carefully before selecting the right tradelines. Some cards will help you meet your goals much easier than others, and with less likelihood of any unexpected problems.

Knowing what you hold is key to knowing how to move forward. It's kind of like playing poker or a game of chess where you need to determine the probable result of a given action before you make it. Not every tradeline company you encounter will be willing or able to assist in this fashion. Whether they're not interested in taking the time to help you or simply don't have good answers to offer, you deserve better. You need to find someone who can give you the best advice at all times. Having strong tradelines for sale isn't enough to be considered a good company. Customer service and first-hand experience goes a long way in this industry. If you're not treated as a priority, they don't deserve your business.

Promises Are A Dime A Dozen

Go check out almost any tradelines company on google. Go ahead, do it. You're going to discover most of these businesses saying they're the best, the oldest, or have the knowledge to help you get the highest credit score. They basically promise you the world. However, when you put them to the test, the vast majority can't really backup their claims. They lack the capability and transparency to deliver what they claim, and sometimes their claims aren't even achievable at all - such as "raise your credit score in as little as 48 hours".

As an example and even though it's a little off subject, we know for a fact that GFS Group pays the highest commissions in the industry to our cardholders - those are the people offering to add you to their credit cards as an authorized user. However, you'll find that several websites say they pay the highest commissions. All you need to do do is request a payment table or request quotes from each of them and compare them to us to see that there's only one company who's being truthful.

There are all sorts of claims from our competitors that we've tried and tested for ourselves. Very few of them have the capability to really deliver what they promise. After the sale if an unexpected issue arises, the excuses quickly start flowing. The same can be said about the waiting period for responses to any question(s) you may have. Before your purchase, answers were quick - but once your hard-earned money has been handed over, you become a second-class asset to new clients. That's not the way we do business.... we never have and we never will.

You Only Get What You Pay For

Looking to save a few bucks? When you're talking about the future of your finances and credit profile, trying to be as cheap as possible isn't the best idea. That doesn't mean that taking advantage of a discount or a special offer is a bad thing, it just means there's a lot happening behind the scenes to ensure that the tradelines we sell are clean, legitimate, and safe. The cardholder must be paid handsomely in order to appreciate the service and relationship we deliver. Our customer service specialists must have the time required to please each and every customer - not only those who buy the most expensive tradelines, or pay for premium cards. Our website security - which has never been breached - along with our screening process must be constantly maintained to provide you with a smooth and secure transaction from start to finish.

All of this costs money, and if you're not paying for those thing, you're risking both the safety of your personal information and the probability of encounting a problem that could prevent you from meeting your goals on time, if at all.

There are some things in life where you need to ensure you're getting the best quality possible. Seeking authorized user tradelines for sale is one of those things, and finding a business who will take genuine care of you is worth every penny you spent. Simple errors can lead to much more expensive problems down the road, so don't assume that you can go to any tradeline company and get the same results. There are a ton of websites with tradelines for sale, but only a few understand how to sell them correctly. Proceed with caution and care, and be sure you choose your tradeline company wisely.