Today we're going to discuss the difference between some commonly confused terms in our industry. As a tradeline company, people often ask us, "what's the difference between a tradeline broker and a tradeline seller?", and the answer is simple to explain.

What Is A Tradeline Broker?

A tradeline broker is someone who acts as a man-in-the-middle between two parties - a buyer and a seller. In our business, we naturally are brokers since we must deal with both sides of the tradeline industry (buyers and sellers). Although we're an established company, our specialty still remains as a mediator for safe and secure transactions of tradelines for sale. We acquire the primary credit card holders (the sellers), and connect them with buyers via our platform.

Not only are we responsible for ensuring that the tradelines for sale on our website are authentic and qualified, but that the transaction between the two parties is smooth and successful. We must screen cardholders to ensure that everything is legitimate, and we also must assist our buyers on the specific cards that will offer them the best chances for a high level of success.

However, a tradeline broker could also be a client of ours. For example, someone who works alone in managing their own clients, yet purchases all their credit lines through out platform. As you can see, while we (the company) are the main broker, we still allow people to do their own brokering through our existing inventory.

What Is a Tradeline Seller?

A tradeline seller is someone who sells tradelines. Yet, similar to brokers, there is more than a single way this can be communicated or described. Again, as a tradeline company we are considered someone who sells tradelines. One of our brokers could also be considered a seller. But when we speak of "sellers" within the industry, we're really talking about the cardholders themselves. These are the people who are actually offering up their credit lines for sale, and who require our services to find buyers.

If you're a tradeline seller, from our perspective, you're an individual primary cardholder with excellent credit and a card (or cards) with extremely low utilization rates, looking to make money by renting authorized user status to our buyers.

The Difference Depends On Who's Talking...

Again, although it might sound a little confusing it's actually all quite simple. GFS Group is:

  • A tradeline company
  • A tradeline broker
  • ...And we sell tradelines

While holding onto that thought, understand that for industry purposes, when we mention the term tradeline broker, we're talking about people who broker our inventory. And when we mention the term tradeline seller, we're talking about the people with great credit who want to make money selling their tradelines.

If you just wanted to speak generally about someone who sells tradelines, you could say "GFS Group sells tradelines. I've purchased from their company before and had great results."

Likewise, you could tell your friend, "I've decided I'm going to sell tradelines. It's a great way to earn some extra cash from my credit cards since I have a great score and impeccable credit history. I'm selling them through a company called GFS Group."

As you can see, the difference between tradeline broker and tradeline seller is very easy to understand. It depends only on the perspective of who's using the terms.

Are you interested in learning more about tradelines, how they're used, and what they could potentially offer you as a broker or as a seller? Visit our website today and take a look around.