We're now in the third month of 2024 and we can't honestly say that we've seen much of the predicted "easing" of prices, inflation, or interest rates that experts had been telling us about for the last 18 months. It always seems that it's just around the corner, or already here, but for some odd reason it's not self-evident.

Since the 3rd quarter of 2022 when some of these numbers were at their worst, economists were predicting that everything would even out, the housing market would correct, inflation would drop like a rock, and that the overall economy would hopefully experience a soft landing. All of that seems to be an extremely elongated process, and the predictions are well overdue in our opinion.

While there's a lot of good financial news and numbers coming out, there is an equal or greater amount that just feel like the same old thing. Stale growth, high cost of living, and really not too much relief overall. While it's not totally unbearable, it sure doesn't make things easier or more enjoyable to say the least. And of course, while happiness is not all about money, it's difficult to find basic peace when making ends meet has become somewhat of a sporting event.

Mortgage Costs and Everything Else Is Still On The High End

Many home owners as well as potential buyers ditched their plans for selling and or buying in late 2022. Sellers couldn't really sell and move up a notch without significant investments in their new purchase, and buyers seemed to be waiting for much lower rates to show up around spring or summer of 2023. While the mortgage rates did decline slightly, the housing market was still pretty goofy, the general economy was less-than-certain, which was a big turn-off for many and also a disappointment over their expectations.

During the same period, the stock market was flying high. We watched patiently as 10-year interest rates on US bond yields shot up like a rocket, US credit card debt topped 1 trillion dollars for the first time ever, and by October the average mortgage rates were again making similar and/or new highs depending on what you wanted to buy and where you lived. The average affordability of buying a home hit the lowest level in history with only 15% of home on the market making the cut as "affordable", and if we fast forward to January of this year, things weren't looking much better.

On a more positive note, both the DOW Jones and S&P500 broke all-time record highs recently (more than once in the last 60 days), so money isn't simply disappearing, it's apparently just being placed into different areas. This may be the result of weary consumers weighing out their options and trying to make the most reasonable and affordable investments. Additionally, the upward explosion in the tech sector by just a handful of companies really added a strong boost to the markets, which is continuing to grab the attention of almost anyone who has eyes to see it.

Now, what does this all have to do with selling tradelines? Well, in one way or another, everything ties together at the end of the day. When there is a shortage or a slowdown in one area, something else is sure to gain momentum. Maybe this is why amid the various financial difficulties that many of us have been experiencing for nearly 4 years now, the booming markets seem like an extremely welcome breath of fresh air. We're not really sure, but solid investments are important and we can't imagine that anyone would be unhappy with great returns. This also includes the many Americans who have a hefty amount of retirement money placed into various index funds and similar accounts. Extra income is a welcome thing right now, and the booming market has people profiting and able to finance things that weren't too feasible or logical just a year ago. Tradelines and financing go hand-in-hand, and if you don't know why, you're about to find out.

Tax Season Means More Buying Power

Yes, we're now in the heart of tax season. That means that many people will be receiving their much awaited tax returns. From our perspective and because of how we look at the markets and finance in general, it seems like a generous amount of that will go towards necessary purchases that have been delayed. We feel that a sizeable chunk of that extra money will be put into the automotive industry. Since car prices have made a pullback within the last 12 months and a very limited inventory has begun to expand again, buying a new car is much more affordable, realistic, and reasonable than it was just a year ago. This means a higher probability of people seeking auto loans. However, since interest rates aren't exactly as low as people would like them to be, there should be a healthy number of people seeking ways to find better financing rates and easier repayment plans. One of the best methods for many of these individuals is simply obtaining a better credit score, and whether they know it or not, purchasing tradelines can achieve that for them very quickly.

From a seller's perspective, this would be an excellent time to sell tradelines. In fact, credit card tradelines are actually in high-demand right now. As a tradeline seller you can earn legitimate, quick, and easy passive income by helping others improve their credit. This helps them achieve financing that's much more fair and favorable for their budgets, and allows them to keep the wheels turning - no pun intended! All you need is begin as a seller is to have credit cards with perfect payment history and low credit utilization. If the age of your cards is older and the limits are high, you'll get paid even more, so it's definitely something that's worth looking into. The learning curve is short and smooth, and while it's not for everyone, those who get into it really do seem to love it.

Selling Tradelines Is Not Only About Tax Returns

There's another thing that tends to happen in spring, and that's home shopping. Many new buyers prefer this part of the year to make their moves as the weather is better in many paces, homes appear more attractive from the outside thanks to budding flowers, trees, and a freshly cut lawn, plus the move is always easier in a more agreeable climate.

Even though home prices are still high, the supply remains tight, and interest rates are continue to hover above 7% for the average home mortgage, it seems those who are in the market for a new home are tired of waiting for a big drop that may never come. It's reasonable to assume that the extended waiting period for low mortgage rates has resulted in a shift in the mindset for many potential home buyers. We don't see it to be illogical that a large sum have converted into a mode of accepting things for what they currently are rather than sitting on their sofas for another 12 months with their fingers crossed.

Again, this is truly still a situation where every dollar counts for a home buyer. A large number of people seem to be turning to the powerful method of purchasing authorized user tradelines to supplement their credit and get them the best financing possible. Over the term of 15 or 30 years, the potential to save tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars depends highly on a persons credit score and credit profile - something that a few strong tradelines can greatly increase. Is spending a few thousand bucks right now worth slashing the down payment and long-term interest brought on by current rates? It sure is, and those who know are making their moves.

We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves because we understand that things are always changing, but 2024 may be one of the best years for people to start selling tradelines. Tradeline sellers and brokers who are already doing it know that they're making great sales in recent months and have been more than happy with their results and quick turn-around times. Even if you don't know a lot about selling tradelines or how authorized tradelines work, you can learn more and discover if it's something that you find interesting by visiting out website, or by checking out our Ultimate Guide to Selling Authorized User Tradelines at any time.

It's never too late to start, and GFS Group welcomes you with our state-of-the-art selling platform, excellent customer service, and some of the very best commissions in the industry. If you'd like to explore an additional income stream requiring minimal amounts of work, you'll definitely want to take a look at selling tradelines. It's a truly great earnings potential waiting that you might be totally unaware of.