The economy is tough, the markets are volatile, and credit rates are high. It's not the best time in the world for consumers to thrive, but there are always ways to make extra cash. If you have great credit and some decent credit cards, you can sell tradelines and easily make hundreds of dollars a month in your free time.

If you've never considered selling your credit before, you're not alone. Most people are generally oblivious to the idea. In fact, very few people even know it's possible. The truth is, however, that you can easily and legally sell your credit to willing buyers without doing hardly any work at all and profit from it. The best part is that you don't even need to market, advertise, or pay a single penny to do it. You only need to sign up to get started.

How Can I Sell My Credit? What Does It Involve?

By "selling your credit" we're referring to the act of selling your credit card tradelines. What is a tradeline? Technically, a tradeline is a credit line which has been issued to you buy a bank or a lending institution. However, in this instance we're talking specifically about authorized user tradelines - also known as AU tradelines. An authorized user is someone who is added to your credit card account as, well, an authorized user... that part is pretty self-explanatory. But selling tradelines doesn't actually give someone the rights to obtain a physical card or to use your actual credit line for purchases because as the primary card holder, you're in control of that. And since you're calling the shots, you can decide how you handle your authorized user. Let us explain a bit more.

Many people have friends, family members, or spouses who add them as authorized users on their high-limit credit cards. From a credit-only perspective, the result is beneficial for the person who has been added to that card because the card issuer will report them as an authorized user to credit bureaus. When the history of a well-aged, high-limit, low-utilization card with a perfect payment history appears on the authorized user's credit report, their credit score generally shoots upward (assuming they don't have any prior or existing credit problems). Plenty of people are aware of this, and it's a credit building tactic that has been used for decades. In fact, over 33% of Americans have been said to be authorized users of someone else's credit card. Of course, not all authorized users are given this status by the primary card holder for the sole purpose of helping them out with their credit. A large majority of people who do this simply add their spouses so they can have a second card for the authorized user to spend with, or maybe hold onto in the case of an emergency. Either way, while that is an important part of explaining what authorized users are and how/why they exist, it's not actually relevant to the subject we're talking about today.

When we talk about making money and selling your tradelines, it's for a singular reason - meeting the demands of people who desire to become the authorized user of a great credit card for no other reason then to help improve their credit score. These individuals are ready to pay because they don't have anyone with great credit who is willing to help them out, and because the price to buy AU tradelines is insignificant when compared to the long-term results that can be achieved by doing so.

The effect of having the right card or set of cards appear on your credit profile can be remarkable. Even though it's clearly reported as an authorized user and not a primary cardholder, the credit bureaus take it into calculation and it's not uncommon to see jumps as high as 100 points in a few weeks time in some instances. This is a very attractive motivator for someone who is about to apply for a home mortgage, an auto loan, or any other type of personal financing. As you can imagine, the demand to become an authorized user is quite high because the end result could allow the buyer to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home purchase since a higher credit score would help them secure better financing options. You can use your imagination if you want, but we think you get the picture. There are various uses and benefits to having a high credit score - even if it's only temporary.

As a person who is willing to become a seller of their credit, and begin selling their credit card tradelines to people in need of this financial tool, you put yourself in a position where you're able to earn money due to nothing more than having a credit card with a perfect history, a good limit, and a low utilization. The better the numbers, the more you can earn - and you can do it with as many cards as you'd like to.

The only thing you need to do is find a company that sells tradelines, sign up with them, and then add and remove the people who purchase the authorized user spots on your credit card. Essentially, all you're doing is renting your credit card out. The user who purchases your credit line never has direct access to your card information, your personal information, or a physical card. When you add them as an authorized user, the second card is sent directly to you, and so there's absolutely no concern about any actual spending. The buyer knows this, and as we mentioned, the interaction is not one of lending money or risking your own credit card balance - it's simply a matter of basically renting out the data of your card to someone else for a short period of time.

Again, the whole purpose here is for the authorized user's credit report to reflect the status of a powerful card on their credit profile and nothing more. This is what you get paid for, and this is what we help you do. It's simple, it's legal, and it takes almost no time at all to have a user added and/or removed. The extra income can be quite nice, especially for those with a wallet full of high-power cards. Sound like a situation that's intriguing? Keep reading and learn how you can get started.

What Do I Need To Do If I'm Interested in Selling Tradelines?

First off, you'll need to meet some requirements. There are many tradeline companies out there and each one operates by a different set of rules, with different requirements, and with different commissions. They also each have a different payout structures, which is when you'll receive the money for renting out your credit.

At GFS Group, we take our business very seriously. We act as the intermediary between the buyer (the authorized user) and you, the seller. This requires that we protect ourselves while also protecting both parties involved in the transaction. We have an excellent history of helping our buyers achieve their financial dreams through higher credit scores, and an excellent history of helping sellers make quick and easy money from their great credit. For these reasons alone, we maintain our own set of standard requirements to ensure smooth transactions for everyone, from start to finish.

Before we'll consider you as a candidate for selling tradelines, you'll need to be sure you meet the following:

  • You must be the primary cardholder for the tradelines you wish to sell
  • You must have a flawless payment history on your card
  • You must maintain a utilization rate of 10% or less on your card
  • Your card must be at least 2 years old and have a credit limit of at least $5,000

In addition, the card absolutely must be registered in a real name, with a real social security number. Any attempts to sell tradelines from cards of other persons or cards that are registered using CPNs or anything similar will we denied. We only offer legitimate services, and any shady practices will not be permitted.

If you meet the requirements above, we'd be glad to accept your card and begin providing your credit card tradelines to our valued customers as soon as possible. The quicker we sell, the quicker you get paid. In addition, we impose limit to how often you can "rent" your cards out. You can decide if and when you want to make money, and there is no minimum time period that you must provide your card as a seller apart from the time agreed upon for each rental or "sale period".

Once we've secured a buyer, your only obligation is to add that buyer as an authorized user, and then remove them at the end of their term. Typically, this is about 6 to 8 weeks. The amount of money you can make varies, from $40 per sale to $550 per sale, depending on the quality of your card. If you hold cards with very high limits and old account ages, you're the perfect candidate to make a healthy extra income by selling tradelines.

If you feel like you're ready to begin, getting started is simple. All you need to do is sign up. There's no hassle, no fees, no bureaucracy, and no hidden surprises. We only ask that you comply with the simple instructions of when to add and remove your authorized users, and that you're able to provide us with accurate information to verify your card status. In turn, we aid you by verifying the information of the authorized user, and providing the quickest payments in the industry - as well as the highest.

Can You Tell Me More About Your Company?

GFS Group has been working as experts in the tradeline industry for almost 10 years now, and our processes have been streamlined continually over time. We have excellent reviews, a wonderful team of specialists, and customer service that is both personal and professional. We take great pride in our ability for you to sell tradelines in a simple and pain-free process from start to finish. Furthermore, when you have an issue, a question, or a concern, we're here to help. Without sellers like you, we wouldn't be able to provide the services we offer. And without your willingness to sell, there would be many people who have no other means of obtaining the financial opportunities that they desire.

We need you, and you need us - at least if you want to make extra money. And as far as our buyer clients are concerned, they need us and wee need them, because we must supply the financial tools they demand, and we cannot exist as a business without a solid inventory.

The way we see it, this is more than just a typical business. Everyone is a winner, and each person plays an important role. Most of all, everyone gains financially. We enjoy seeing this type of cooperation and it pleases us that we're able to deliver it in a fashion that's second-to-none within our industry. Visit our Selling Tradelines page now to get started with your experience in helping others while easily making money with minimal effort. If your intentions are good and you meet the requirements, we're sure that you'll be very pleased with the outcome.

If you're not ready to jump in just yet, or if you're the type of person that prefers to learn more about this process before getting started, don't worry. We have a wealth of resources available on our blog, and we even wrote a dedicated guide that explains literally everything there is to know about authorized user tradelines. We encourage you to use these resources to your advantage and make sure you are comfortable with your decision to sell tradelines.

Whenever you're ready to get started, we'll be here. Just keep in mind that if you're interested, now is a great time to begin. Many people are feeling uncertain about the state of the economy and anxious to purchase tradelines to aid them in financing big-ticket items. It's a great opportunity to get started sooner rather than later. We hope to hear from you soon!