If you have a credit card or various credit cards and are interested in using them to make some legitimate extra cash, we have the perfect solution. There is no better time than right now to sell your credit card tradelines. It's quick and it's easy. The more cards you have and the stronger your history is, the more money you can make.

What Are Credit Card Tradelines

This is just a term for your card's line of credit. In the financial industry, any line of credit is generally considered to be a tradeline.

As a primary cardholder, your tradeline is the card itself. As you may or may not be aware, you have the ability to add authorized users to the account. This person can be anyone you choose, and in this case it would be one of our customers. At GFS Group, we act as an intermediary - connecting people like you (primary cardholders with excellent credit) to clients who are looking to improve their credit score rapidly. They can accomplish this through the purchase of authorized user tradelines.

Before you jump to conclusions, selling your credit card tradeline doesn't mean giving your credit card to a complete stranger. What you're essentially doing is simply adding them to your account so they can benefit from your credit history and responsible card usage. The benefit for you is that this occurs in exchange for a payment.

The higher the limit, the lower the balance, and the older the card is, the more money you'll be able to make. In addition, the only real requirement is that the card is your own, you have a virtually spotless payment history, and maintain an minimal balance.

How Does Selling Your Credit Card Tradelines Work?

The end user benefits like this: once you've added them as an authorized user, the historic information of your card card (limit, balance, age, and payment history) is relayed by the issuing bank to the major credit bureaus. In turn, the buyer's credit report shows them as an authorized user of a card with a better history, or higher limits then whatever cards they may have held previously. The extra leverage of this new addition to their credit report is enough to improve their credit score greatly. Best of all, there's no real risk for you, the cardholder. The authorized user will never have access to a physical card, your card number, or any your personal information whatsoever.

When you sign up with us to sell your credit card tradeline, we'll add you card to our website's available inventory. Then, when an order is placed by one of our customers who requests your tradeline (based on the card stats), we'll notify you. Next, you'll contact your bank by phone or use your mobile app to add the buyer as a an authorized user. Getting started is that simple.

From that point forward, the bank will send an additional card directly to you (not the tradeline purchaser), and begin reporting that purchaser to the credit bureaus. The length of time an authorized user will typically remain on your card is about two months, which gives them sufficient time to see the higer credit score on their credit report. This is the period when they will utilize their new score to apply for a loan, credit card, or other lending instrument that they might need, or are not currently able to be approved for.

The higher score ensures they'll have the best chances for success, meaning a lower interest rate, lower down payment, or whatever it may be that they're seeking to achieve. Even though it costs them money to buy the tradeline, they will be saving much more in the longrun through better loan terms.

If I Sell My Credit Card Tradeline, Can The Buyer Use My Card?

No. As we explained before, the buyer of your tradeline will not receive a physical card nor your card information. Any loan or credit line they apply for it not tied to you, your credit card, or your credit report in any way..

To explain it as simply as possible, your name and personal information is completely anonymous. It does not even appear on the buyer's credit report. The only thing that happens during the period of the buyer being an authorized user of your credit card is this: when your issuing bank reports your account to the bureaus at the end of the month, they will include the authorized user's name & info as well - but only to that individuals credit profile.

The credit bureaus see the buyer of your tradeline merely as being an authorized user of a card from X card ompany, with X limit, X age, and X payment history (with X representing the respctive metric of the card account).. Your card number and personal details are irrelevant, private, never revealed, and do not appear anywhere on the buyer's credit report. In addition, nothing changes on your end and your credit profile/report will not show that you have other users on your card.

Again, you are simply collecting money for using your great credit to act as a catalyst on the credit report of another person, which will greatly improve their credit score.

This is not like having a joint bank account. The authorized user has zero control over when you add them and when you remove them - all of the details are handled through us, and we have almost a decade of experience specializing in this niche business.

At GFS Group we use high-end security protocols that meet or exceed the industry standards. In all of our years of operation, we have never had a breach of our user's information. As long as you can execute the simple process of adding and removing an authorized user to your account and follow some very basic instructions, you can make a very fair amount of money for the small amount of time that's required.

Why Do People Want To Buy My Credit History?

Many people have a great credit history of their own. They've got a decent credit score, they always pay on time, and they're responsible witht their credit and how they use it. However, they may lack the age of credit, or the overall credit limit, or the number of revolving accounts required to push their score higher. For example, into the area they need to qualify for a loan or financing. This might be a home mortgage, an auto loan, a personal loan, or even a credit score high enough to not be denied by a potential employer or landlord who runs credit checks.

The ability for responsible users to speed up the process of increasing their credit score can be priceless. It can help assure they find housing, acquire their dream job, or simply apply for higher limits on their own credit cards without the worries of denial.

The best thing is this has no affect on your actual credit as the cardholder. Remember, you are selling your tradeline ONLY for the purpose of making money to help the buyer raise their credit score. Whatever they do in thier personal life or with their loans has no reflection on your credit. If you sell your credit card tradeline to someone and their credit shoots way up, allowing them to qualify for a better auto loan, you are 100% unrelated from that contract. This is very important to understand.

Many people assume that selling their credit card tradeline will somehow make them liable for the buyer's actions. It does not. This is exactly why the banks send the authorized user's card directly to you - you are the one who decides who is able to actually use it for purchases and can only grant that permission by physically giving someone the card. As an example, you could add a family member to your credit card and then give them the card and your permission to spend on it - but that is a completely different situation from what we do as a tradeline company.

Why Is Now The Best Time To Sell My Credit Card Tradelines?

Just days ago, the national credit card debt of consumers touched $1,000,000,000,000 for the first time ever. Yes, that's one trillion dollars. The potential to reach such a high amount of consumer credit card debt has always been there, and was clearly inevitable - especially as time goes on, the population grows, and the number of credit card users increases. However, this new record coming to pass at this specific point in time brings with it some interesting aspects.

We've just came out of a pandemic that threw the economy up, down, and then sideways. Employers and lenders have had difficult times navigating this economic mess, and the average person has been affected in at least a few ways to say the least. Many businesses were lost completely, and many careers have been completely destroyed. On the upside, consumer resilience has held relatively strong and although we have faced many hardships, we haven't given up.

With the above being said, the economy in the United States is still very unpredictable. Many businesses and individuals are still recovering or suffering from the strong impact that was inflicted due to restrictions, supply chain inconsistencies, or simple inflation. The currently high costs of food, housing, and transport (which never seems to stop rising) has been another cause for concern. While we've prevailed quite well, there is something happening right now which can only be perceived as some sort of exteneded after-effect.

We can't say that nobody saw this coming, or that it's a great surprise, but many people had to downsize their homes or vehicles and drastically cut spending to remain at an operational level (that may mean barely surviving for some). This includes being more careful with spending, financing instead of buying with cash, and/or using up their savings for basic needs. What we see today is that many consumers have finally ran out of resources and have resorted to using their credit cards just to make ends meet. It's an unfortunate thing and not a sound financial practice, but it does offer opportunity to those who have excellent credit and low card balances.

Companies like us who specialize in the sales of authorized user tradelines are coming to see that there are fewer people with clean and clear credit cards who are not running up debt. To be quite direct, it makes people who hold well-aged, high-limit credit cards a hot topic. If you have what we require for our customers, you're now in high-demand.

The number of people holding low balances and who have strong credit histories with excellent scores are becoming more difficult to encounter. Not only that, but many who had excellent scores and extremely low card usage just last year, suddenly have much higher balances, which doesn't bode well for anyone except the people collecting interest on those balances.

The power of the ability for an authorized user status to boost an individual's credit score depends on many different factors, but the key factor is a low balance and a great payment history. If you have those two things, you can consider yourself to be part of a dying breed from a statistical perspective.

I'd Like To Sell My Credit Card Tradelines. Where Do I Begin?

If you're interested in learning more, you can contact GFS Group directly and we'll be happy to explain any questions or help with any concerns. We're a top-quality provider whose business has been based on trust, respect, and our excellent customer reviews. Over the last 8 to 9 years we've grown to become an industry-leading company, yet we've expanded responsibly with a customer-minded goal and outlook. We hold the same values we've held since day one.

Unlike many others in our industry, we chose to scale wisely. We never take on more business than we can handle, which means our team is always available to discuss things with you personally. We never pressure anyone into buying or selling tradelines, nor do we guarantee specific (or outrageous) results from our products. We follow all procedures as required by law, and are not involved in any shady practices.

If you'd like to learn more about tradelines, see our complete guide now to learn everything there is to know before making the decision to sell your credit card tradelines. If and when you're ready, you know who to contact.