In the Right Industry, Making Money Selling AU Tradelines Has Never Been Easier

Let's imagine, for example, that you're a loan officer for a bank or you work in a mortgage loan company. Every day you have potential clients contacting you about their ability to acquire loans for personal use, the purchase of an automobile, or a new home. For the sake of this article, let's say only 30% of the people qualify for loans due to bad or insufficient credit scores, and there's nothing you can do about it other than advise them to provide a much larger down payment or to improve their credit and return later. That means you're missing out on 70% of the revenue generated by loans approvals for your company, and even worse - 70% of your potential commissions!

Most of the time, you really want to give these clients the loan. You believe they can afford it, plus they have a good salaries, a good career and solid employment history. The only problem is the algorithm of the loan criteria just doesn't work out. You're not allowed to approve the loan because according to their credit score, the buyer doesn't qualify for the amount they need and that's that..

But sometimes that's just the way things are. That's just how business works, and "hey, you can't win them all", right?

Well, that's not exactly true. Please, let us explain.

Enter the AU Tradeline

AU Tradelines (authorized user tradelines) are a lesser known credit building technique that allow people with a good credit history to rapidly increase their scores to great or even excellent numbers in a very short timespan. You may already be familiar with them.

This process works buy purchasing lines of credit as an authorized user. In other words, renting the status of "additional cardholder" from a credit card owner who has a high credit line, a long and flawless payment history, and low credit utilization ratio. While it may sound like a strange idea or even slightly sketchy, the truth is it's completely common, fully legal, and a 100% legitimate way of massively increasing the credit history (and subsequently the credit score) of the person who uses the tradeline.

Now take a minute and think to yourself... 70% of your loan applicants are denied. Let's say that roughly half of those have really bad credit and need to work on fixing their negative remarks, paying outstanding balances, etc.. You can't do much for them in any case. But still that leaves you with 35% of your loan denials who you can work with and convert into approvals by using AU tradelines. That means you'd be making more than double the approvals, double the revenue for the company, and doubling your commissions at closure. It sounds unreal, right?

Now, what if I told you that apart from everything mentioned above, you can also make money selling AU tradelines by collecting a commission on each client you refer... Are you getting interested yet? You should be!

How to Make Money Selling AU Tradelines

We've laid out the basics above but let's make a quick summary. You really need to undertand exactly how this can work for you.

You can actually leverage the job that you already have, to:

1.  Make more closures than ever before, and

2.  Collect even more money while doing it.

You could be a car salesman, a credit improvement company, a loan officer, a private lender, or even a real estate agent - it doesn't matter. As long as you work in an industry where your clients or customers are consistently seeking loans, you're in a great position to provide them with tradelines.

There will always be a higher amount of loan denials than approvals (in most cases) which means that the potential to supercharge your income and your career is right here in this article that you're reading. There isn't much more that needs to be said. There are no strings attached. It's not a scam or scheme, there are no sneaky requirements, and there are literally no downsides - as long as you choose a reputable and safe provider for sourcing the tradelines.

Selling AU Tradelines is Easy

The only thing you need to do is partner with us through GFS Group's affiliate program and become a broker. It's easy to sign up, it's easy to understand, and nearly all of the clients you refer will most likely purchase tradelines. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You don't need a fancy office, and there is no special license required. There are no classes to take, no technical expertise required, nor hours or weeks of intensive training to make it happen. Chances are you already have an excellent understanding of credit, and it's going to be a piece of cake for you to start making money selling AU tradelines to your clients.

Right now you have two options. You can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page and we can explain everything, or you can learn more about the process by reading The Ultimate Guide to Authorized User Tradelines.

If you sell our authorized user tradelines, we make money. In turn, we pay you a commission. That's really all there is to it. One hand washes the other and in the end it's a simple business transaction that you can be confident in, and excited about. Bbest of all, there are no minimums or maximums on the number of tradelines you can sell.

Whether you have only one client a week who needs help building up their credit score, or 10 clients a day who are desparate and have no idea where to turn, you owe it to yourself (and to them) to present this opportunity.

Leveraging AU tradelines to achieve rapid and drastic credit score increases is not widely known. When you present the client with the facts and help them understand how well this can work for them, we almost guarantee that the majority of them will jump at the chance to reap the benefits.

Start Selling AU Tradelines Today

We'll leave the decision up to you. Contact us now by using the affiliate program form below, and we'll be in touch with you soon to explain how to make money selling AU tradelines while simultaneously increasing your income.

Or, simply don't.

... And instead, you can continue on day after day, week after week, and month after month telling your potential clients "I'm sorry, but there's not much that I can do to help."

The decision is obvious, and we look forward to speaking with you.