Using Powerful Techniques to Increase Your Credit Score From the Start

So you've decided to get your first credit card. You may be young, you may be older, you may even be really old. You may have worked for years and always used cash or debit and never wanted, needed, or considered the importance of building a solid credit profile. You may be straight out of high school and looking to get started with credit as you step into college and all of those great things that come with being an adult.

Whatever the reason, you're going to enter the world of credit and you want to be sure that you do it right.

You may have spent hours or days researching the subject or you may know nothing at all aside from the very basics. The only thing you're sure about is you're going to apply for (or may have already obtained) your first credit card. In fact, you may have two cards and be using them wisely, but haven't had these cards for more than a year or two, possibly less. You haven't had a mortgage, a car loan, or any other type of credit intstrument. In other words, you're still very new to the world of credit.

The World of Credit

Now, we could spend all day discussing the ins-and-outs of the best credit practices, how to use your cards properly to increase your credit score, and how you can utilize the credit lines you currently hold (or will soon be acquiring) to earn higher limits and better cards in the future. But this isn't the time and place for that. At least not right now.

What we will discuss in this article is a brief explanation of how you can leverage a little-known but widely-used tool called an authorized user tradeline to quickly drive your credit score, credit age, and credit history upwards to the point where you can then apply for a loan or a higher limit card within mere weeks - maybe a month or two max - and achieve it with ease.

What Is An Authorized User Tradeline?

To keep things short and get right to the point, an authorized user tradeline is the credit line of another person. What you'll be doing is purchasing (legally) a space as an authorized user (or what you could consider to be a secondary user) from a card that has a long history, a high limit, and a perfect history of payments.

The thing is, you're never going to receive a physical card, you're never going to spend a dime of that credit line, and you're not going to have any idea who the owner of the card actually is. It sounds kind of silly, right? Well, yeah - it does sound silly. However, it's not silly at all and as someone who is new to building their credit, it's going to be one of the best decisions you make to make a big leap upward in a very short time period. It's like the image above this paragraph - you can take the stairs or you can take the escalator. When it comes to increasing a credit score, which would you chose?

Why Do I want To Buy An Authorized User Tradeline?

So why exactly would you want to do this? It's simple. Once you become a secondary user on an existing card, the history of that card will be reported to the major credit bureaus and reflected on YOUR credit profile. So if your score is average or even good but your history and report is weak due to being new, you're basically going to transform your credit report into what looks like a long-time card user who's fully proven their credit worthiness.

increas credit score with tradeline

And what happens is like magic, because the moment you receive that card history upon your own personal credit profile, your score is going to jump up instantly by a large number of points. The exact amount of the increase will depend on the exact tradeline you decide to buy, but it will be significant, and it's not uncommon to see jumps of up to 70 or 80 points - or even more. And once that happens you now have the perfect opportunity to apply for a high-limit card of your own, a personal loan, an auto loan, or even a home mortgage if that's what you're looking for. It's like the image above this paragraph - you can take the stairs or you can take the escalator. When it comes to increasing a credit score, which would you chose?

The posibilities are endless but since you're new to the credit scene, this is going to make a big difference for you. When you buy a tradeline and increase your credit score, you'll cut months or years off of the time that's traditionally required to achieve the same result naturally. You'll almost instantly hit the point where you're deemed worthy enough by banks to get a better card or a real loan.

Okay, I've Got it. So Where Can I Buy Tradelines?

There are many places to buy tradelines, just like anything else that's for sale. But as always, it's best to buy them from a professional, reputable, and established company - especially since we're talking about your credit here. You don't want to just hand over your sensitive personal information to some stranger, and you definitely want to be sure that your data is kept secure.

Also, since you're new to this you'll want to have a high-quality resource for advice and questions, which means great customer service. You can find all of that from GFS Group, tradeline specialists with the latest in technology and a massive selection of tradelines to be sure you get what you want and deserve - and that's your money's worth in results.

Get ahold of us today to see how tradelines can help you cut years of of your credit building process, help you buy the car you can't get approved for, or make sure you're issued that mortgage loan you've been after. Learn more about buying tradelines here and be prepared to be impressed. We guarantee we can help, and we guarantee our service. It's that simple.