While most people are focused on how they can enhance their credit. There are far fewer people who are focusing on or thinking about how they can use their existing credit and convert it into cash. Learning how to sell tradelines is an excellent method for making extra money for basically doing nothing at all.

The process is quick, easy, and simple to do. Literally anyone with access to a telephone or the internet can sell their credit card tradelines. Once you've learned how to do it, the only actual work required is using your mobile banking app or making a phone call to your card issuer. That's all. Literally, there's no other work required.

It might seem to good to be true, however it's an industry based on simple supply and demand - just like any other. Except right now the demand is high - and the better quality tradelines you have, the more money you can make. You're not going to get rich doing this, but it's an exceptionally easy way to consistently receive extra cash that you just may be surprised to learn about.

How To Sell Tradelines Part 1: What Does It Mean?

If you have credit cards with a superb (that means perfect or almost perfect) payment history, you can use your good credit to help others with good credit. While it may have taken you a long time to build that credit up, not everyone has time. For example, any individual can have an excellent credit history with no negative remarks but still be ineligible for a loan, financing, or even to qualify for a job or rental home because they lack nothing more than credit length. The older their credit lines are, the higher their score will be.... and the higher the score, the easier it becomes to get more credit.

When you realize this, the main question you probably have is "how can I sell my credit?", and the answer is simple. Understanding how to sell tradelines only requires the comprehension of the concept, and taking some action.

You see, people who need to bump their scores up are dependent on credit scoring algorithms used by the major credit bureaus, and even if the credit lines that appear on their reports are not their own, they can easily raise the score by a very significant amount. By becoming the authorized user of a high value credit card (one with an older age and higher limit) the credit bureau algorithm will work in favor of that person. Essentially, this results in a large number of people who wish to become the authorized user of a great card, and not only that, but they're willing to pay good money for it.

The purpose in knowing how to sell your tradelines is as easy as that. People will pay you to add them on your account as an authorized user.

But before you jump to conclusions, you need to know that they won't really be "using" your actual card at all.

How To Sell Tradelines Part 2: How Does It Work?

When you, the cardholder, add a tradeline buyer to your account you allow them to leverage the history of your great credit on their own report. This doesn't include your name or personal information, and the buyer is never going to hold a physical card or have any access to make purchases with your credit line. This is what makes the idea so genius and simple.


For decades, wealthy and intelligent people have been adding their children, spouses, and family members as authorized users on their cards to help them grow their credit scores. This is no different, except for the fact that you're making money in the process, and the buyer only remains on your card for two billing cycles - unless they desire to purchase more time. The time frame they purchase for provides a window of opportunity for them where your card issuer will report them to credit bureaus as an authorized user. Their credit report then shows that this individual has a line of credit that is X years old, with X credit limit and perfect history (X is just used as a placeholder and could be any number of years and any credit limit). Once this happens, their score jumps upwards and they can then apply for whatever they require and have much higher chances for favorable outcomes - whether it's a card approval of their own, a better interest rate on loan financing, or purchasing their first new automobile.

So to break it down into the most simple terms possible, there are people who are ready and willing to rent a spot on your credit card as an authorized user. They pay, you add them, and then you get paid once their credit report reflects the status of their purchase. It's a foolproof technique and again, the buyer is not truly connected to you or your credit in any way. They have no access to your card, they're not using your personally information, and they don't even know who you are. All they know is the issuing bank, the amount of years the account has been open, and the credit limit. This is all they need and all they get from you.

How to Sell Tradelines Part 3: What Is Required?

If you want to know how to sell tradelines quickly and easily, you must know that the older your card is and the higher the limit is, the more valuable is becomes to a potential buyer. Remember, the reason for needing to buy is because their credit is already good, but their score just isn't high enough from a lack of general credit experience and a low number of open accounts.

The algorithms used to determine a credit score focus on many factors but there are a few that are extremely important - age, limit, utilization, and history. What's more? These factors are all base on averages or overall numbers. Now you know why suddenly having a credit report change that displays an additional 15 year old account with a $38k limit can make a huge difference for someone who only has two credit cards of their own, an average account age of 2 years, and a total limit of $4k. The power of your card literally has the potential to put their score through the roof.

how to sell tradelines easily

For you, the only thing required to efficiently sell your credit card tradelines is a healthy history of credit that's free from negative remarks or late payments, and also has a low amount of utilization during the period in which you'll be selling. You can safely add up to 2 users at a time, and you can use as many cards as you like. If you have 20 credit cards and want to sell tradelines on 15 of them, there is absolutely no issue with that as long as they meet the basic requirements stated above.

How to Sell Tradelines Part 4: When And Where Do I get Started?

There are guidelines to follow when selling tradelines. You want to mimize the risk of any hassle, minimize the possibility of account closure, and ensure that each purchase goes smoothly so you're paid on time. Additionally, you'll need a space to post your tradelines for sale. Since were talking about financial transactions, and since buyers must provide their personal details to be added to your account, you won't be selling tradelines on facebook or your instagram account. You'll be using a legitimate brokerage who will act as the safety net, gatekeeper, and payment processor for all transactions between the buyer and seller. These brokerages are often referred to as a tradeline company, and there are a lot of them out there who have different business models and operate using their own set of standards.

One important thing to note is that you never have to provide your card information or personal information to the brokerage or to the buyer. While the broker needs to know the card's limit, age, brand, and monthly posting date (just as the buyer does), they will never ask or need your card number or anything that puts you at risk of anyone being able to make purchases.

So, how to find a good company and get started? Considering what you've learned above, the key traits you'll be looking for is a company who is genuine, has a excellent history and excellent reviews, pays the highest amount possible for each tradeline you sell, and is highly responsive. A quality broker will have tools for you to ensure you begin on the right foot, and also be there to support you with any questions or concerns. They'll help you explore different ways to sell your card(s) based on your use, and provide clear and concise instructions to enhance not only your experience as a seller, but to streamline your work and eliminate any chance of error.

While it may sound easy, there are several big-name tradeline companies who lack in one or more of these important areas. Sometimes learning how to sell tradelines requires having bad experiences with a broker before finding a better, more productive and successful partner to work with. However, it doesn't have to be that way.

how to sell tradelines gfs group

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Knowing hot to sell tradelines isn't a skill, it's simply having the ability to understand simple concepts and accurately follow instructions. If you think it's a good fit your you, we welcome you with open arms and would be pleased to begin a relationship with you as a seller. We know you'll be happy with our services, and our customer reviews will clearly explain why. If you're interested in learning more, visit us now. You can get started today and begin selling tradelines right away. We always have buyers who are eager and ready to purchase top quality cards, and now is a great time to start making extra cash.