If you've made the decision that you want to buy authorized user tradelines, it's important that you're actually ready to buy them. Being ready requires a bit more than just having the money and an internet connection. To get the maximum benefit from your purchase there are several things you should do beforehand to ensure that the gains to your credit score are at their absolute maximum potential. This means taking the time to do a bit of quick research and possibly ironing out some problems if any exist. In this article we're going to cover the top tips for preparing yourself for optimum gains.

Make Sure Your Credit Report Is Clean And Correct

Having a good credit report is a big factor for the amount of pull your purchase will provide. If you have a lot of negative remarks, or if you're currently in collections for something you'll definitely want to get that squared away before taking any other action. In fact, if your credit report has any recent delinquencies, now might not be the time for you to pursue authorized user tradelines.

If you have a recent late payment on your report, you might contact your banking institution. If you have a good relationship with them and don't have a history of payments, you may be able to explain the reasoning behind the late payment and they could be willing to have it removed permanently from your report. Some people have luck with this, while others don't. At the end of the day it's a case-by-case basis and depends entirely on the institution and the situation that occurred. Either way, it never hurts to try.

You'll also want to be sure that your report has accurate personal information. Is your address 100% correct? Is the street and city spelled correctly? Does your name have proper spelling and reflect the name on your identification as well as any loans and/or credit lines that you currently have open? If not, now is the time to fix that. This can be done by contacting the credit bureaus directly and requesting a change of information. It's not a complicated task, but it's definitely important.

And if you're wondering how to check your credit report, you can do it for free via the three major credit reporting bureaus - Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. There's actually a website that acts as a hub for all 3, and you can easily acquire your reports there without a lot of hassle. Simply visit annualcreditreport.com to get started. Each of them used to offer a free singular annual report, but to this day, you can get your full report weekly - and it's been that way for quite some time now. Take advantage of it!

Pro-Tip: When checking your reports, it's not only important to make sure that your personal information is correct, but congruent across all three bureaus. When you buy authorized user tradelines you'll be doing so with the hopes that all of these bureaus will be notified. However, in some cases only 2 out of the 3 will reflect your authorized user status. Mitigate problems and increase the likelihood of a streamline process by ensuring that everything is as it should be, and that it matches.

Know Exactly How You Plan To Utilize Your Tradelines

You shouldn't just go out and buy authorized user tradelines without a clear plan. Whether you're going for a new car loan or attempting your first mortgage purchase, asking your bank for a personal loan or simply trying to improve your own credit opportunities by acquiring higher-limit, higher quality credit cards of your own, you need to have it planned out. Tradelines are not cheap, and while they are well worth their weight, you don't want to waste precious time. They don't last forever because the typical purchase is for a 2 month period of authorized user status.

Instead of acting fast and planning later, plan first so that you can act fast and reach your goals in the quickest time frame possible. This includes knowing which dates you can expect your purchases to post to your credit report, keeping an eye on them, and planning accordingly. While something like an auto-loan may not be time sensitive, you can easily make or break the deal on a home mortgage if you're not prepared.

Do you know which home you are buying? Do you know how long the process takes for the bank to process the application and are you familiar with the steps required? You want to be sure that when the lender is ready to run your credit, your authorized user tradelines have posted to your credit profile and your score is at its highest.

Be sure to plan ahead, perform your due diligence (i.e., research), and be ready to make your application on a moments notice. If not, you might lose that home you're after to another bidder, or, you may not qualify your dream job. You don't want to be left in that frustrating and depressing situation.

Understand The Effect That Your Purchase Will Have On Your Score

One of the most critical parts of deciding to buy tradelines is to understand how they work and purchase accordingly. Don't just purchase one if you can afford more, and don't purchase several simply because you can afford to. While that may sound conflicting information, there's a bit of a hidden message being implied. Basically, your individual credit profile, your currently open primary tradelines and lines of revolving credit, plus the reason behind your intent for buying tradelines all play a very serious role in what you should be purchasing.

You may lack credit experience, or have a rather weak profile. This would insinuate that you should be seeking to acquire a longer average age of credit and would be wise to buy a card that's been in use for a very long time. If you have several cards and have had them for a long time but the limits are very low, than you'll want to go after much higher limit cards to bring up your total credit limit and availability. There's usually a need for both, and since no two people are in the exact same situation with the exact same credit history, you'd be wise to speak with a specialist who you can confide in to lead to in the right direction. This brings us to our final point.

Find a Reputable, Reliable, and Secure Tradeline Company

This is the part where you need to be picky. Remember, you're the one in control of where you purchase from but you need to have someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and accountable on your side. There are a lot of places to buy authorized user tradelines but there are very few that offer a five-star customer service experience. At first glance, they may seem friendly and willing to help you purchase, but if they rush you into a sale and cant answer basic questions or don't have the patience for your concerns, you better think twice.

This purchase is an important part of your financial future and you need it to be done properly. You also need to ensure that your personal data is safe, and that you have a direct contact in the instance that something goes wrong. If you know someone who has purchased tradelines before, ask them where they bought them and how the experience was. Also, take a look around before making your final decision. Shop around, call a few different companies, ask them the same questions, and see who is the most experienced and friendly. Whoever sets well with you and provides you with confidence is someone you can most likely be confident working with.

At GFS Group, we've been in the tradeline business for almost 10 years. We have dedicated ourselves to this industry and our customers, and we deliver nothing less than the best customer service available. Our inventory - although not as large as some tradelines companies - is also of the utmost quality. We're sure to have what you need, and if we don't, we'll be honest about that and make the next best recommendation.

When you're ready to buy, contact us and see why our customers give us outstanding reviews. But first, be sure that you're prepared by completing everything we've outlined above. Have any questions? Reach out and we'll be glad to help, even if you're not ready to buy yet. Most of all, we want you to know that planning is something we encourage.

It's always better to take the time to get everything correct the first time around so that you don't have to deal with unexpected surprises or disappointments. Be patient, be smart, and be prepared. Buying authorized user tradelines requires planning but in the end it pays off handsomely.