Improve Your Credit Score Fast with AU Tradelines

When an individual has a good credit score, they get to enjoy a variety of benefits such as low-interest rates, better insurance rates, and a better chances of loan approval.

In our opinion, there is no reason someone with a low credit score shouldn’t enjoy those benefits as well. If you have bad or less-than-good credit and you need to be pre-approved either for a mortgage loan to buy a house, a car, or even to rent a house fairly soon, your best option is to seek a way to improve your credit score fast.

While raising a credit score can be reached through different credit building technologies, not all of them consider adding more accounts to your credit profile. Buying tradelines is one of the commonly practiced methods when you need to raise your credit fast.

How to Find Tradelines

You can obtain an AU tradeline through a friend of a family member, or even buy a credit tradeline of an anonymous individual for a fee. When it comes to tradeline relationships, it is essential all parties engaged in the process are reliable and bound by a trusted partnership. As a leading tradeline company, we pair you with a reliable primary cardholder who has had a perfect credit history for many years.

Once the AU tradeline has been added to your credit report, you inherit the entire history of the new account as a secondary user. All those years of positive transactions appear on your credit profile and you'll quickly see an the increase reflected in your credit score. Since you don't receive any of the primary cardholder's info and since you won't be receiving a physical card, you won’t be responsible for paying the balance. The purpose here is not to obtain new credit for spending, it's to improve your credit score through the factors that matter such as credit limit, utilization ratio, and the overall age of the account(s). 

How long do tradelines take to report? Usually, it takes around 2-3 weeks (or sometimes even less) for the credit card company to report to credit agencies that you are an authorized user on that particular card with a long and spotless history of payments.


Is it legal to add authorized user tradelines?

In a nutshell, buying tradelines for credit is an effective and legal way to raise your credit score fast: there is no law against charging someone to add them as an authorized user. Becoming an authorized user of the reliable account from our inventory of trusted cardholders, you can get years of excellent payment history factored into your credit score in almost no time. The entire process only takes days, so if you’re in a rush to close that deal, we highly recommend adding AU tradelines to your credit report and getting your credit boost without a credit check.

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