All You Need to Know if You Want to Generate Passive Income Selling Tradelines

Posted on 05 August, 2020 by Miranda Bottas in Passive Income Selling Tradelines

All you need to know if you want to generate passive income selling tradelines

Everything You Need to Know to Earn Passive Income Selling Tradelines

Going into the business of selling tradelines can make you wonder if the time and effort required is worth the outcome. Many people are curious if earning thousands of dollars per hour by selling tradelines is actually possible. We're here to clarify that yes, it is. With a bit of understanding and the ability to carefully perform some simple and quick processes, you can get started almost immediately.

If you choose to sell authorized user tradelines, the commissions are generally range between $50-$350 for each one sold. Your responsibility for this work is to add users to your credit card(s), and then remove them as an authorized user after the pre-determined time frame. In the longrun, you're doing practically no work at all. It takes around two minutes to enter your account online and add someone as an authorized user, and another two minutes to remove them. So, for a total of about four minutes, getting paid the average commission (around $150), is a pretty good deal. Earning $150 per four minutes comes down to earning $2250 per hour, which is already a big amount of money. And if the tradelines you're selling are of exceptional quality, you can earn as much as $350 per spot, which is excellent pay for the time it takes. In most cases, the work can be completed via your mobile banking app, directly from your phone. If not, you may be required to login to your account on the card issuers website or simply make a phone call to them. Either way, it's not difficult to do.

So, yes. It is possible to make what equates to thousands of dollars per hour of passive income simply by selling tradelines. It all adds up and at the end of the year, that extra income can equate to quite a bit - especially if you have several credit cards that are very well maintained.

Is it safe to sell authorized user tradelines?

While selling tradelines may seem as a good way of making money, there are some risks involved. The first important thing to understand is that you need to be patient and not become greedy. If you decide to sell an excessive amount of AU spots on a single credit card (or on cards from the same lender), your bank might begin to frown upon your use of the credit line they've given you. They might decide to close your account or reduce your spending limits. The good news is that you can always take a break from selling tradelines and restart the process later.

The second important thing to understand if you want to begin selling authorized user tradelines is that the process is completely legal. Many people think it's a shady or illegal act. This is not true. Unless your bank strictly prohibits you from adding authorized users to your credit card, and as long as the information you provide is accurate there is nothing illegal about it. Most of the negative rumors regarding using and selling tradelines stem from people who haven't been informed about the legalities, have never researched it, who've had a bad experience from an illegitimate or illegal service, (such as purchasing whole credit cards or completely fake credit profiles) or are referring to those who illegally use CPNs (learn more about the dangers of using CPNs), which is identity theft and fraud.

The facts remain: When selling tradelines for passive income, there is no lying involved. If everyone agrees to the terms and conditions and you work with a reliable service then it will be a safe and secure process that benefits all parties.

Moreover, credit card companies will only send the authorized user's card to the primary account holder’s address. This means the secondary user does not receive any information about the credit card, the partner, their account, and is not able to make any type of purchases whatsoever. They will never receive a physical card, nor will they have access access to your account in any form whatsoever. The process for them is completely anonymous and the only benefit they gain is an improved credit score. On the other hand, the seller of the tradeline does receive the information of the buyer, since it's required to add them as an authorised user within their account. A legitimate tradeline service will screen this individual before doing business with them to ensure that their identity and their cards are legitimate and inline with a specific set of high standards.

With the simple understandings mentioned above, selling tradelines from your credit cards is a safe, legal, and completely legitimate way to earn residual income for a very small amount of work.

Why aren’t more people involved in selling tradelines? 

As surprising as it may sound, a large percentage of the population is not familair with the process. It is certainly not a very broad topic, and historically the practice was used primarilly among the wealthy to assist their children or family members in acquiring excellent credit.

While it's been estimated that nearly a third of Americans credit card holders are the authorized user of someone else's card, it's usually the card of the spouse or family member. And many of them - believe it or not - have no idea about the positive affect it makes on their credit scores.

Additionally, we have to consider that many people don't have great credit utilization, spot-free payment history, or the high limits that would benefit a second user. Among those who do, many remain unaware to the process or are not interested in sharing their credit lines to others for profit.

If you're willing or interested in selling your tradelines, you can visit our website for more information. If you're in doubt or have questions, and we’ll be more than happy to provide expert answers any questions that might be holding you back from making the money you need. We won't pressure you or lead you astray like other predatory financial services. At GFS Group we pride ourselves on a high-level of customer service, years of knowledge, and a great reputation. Contact us and see for yourself - we believe you'll be glad that you did it.

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