Affiliate Program

  • Affiliate Program for credit repair companies, mortgage or loan brokers
  • We are looking for reliable partners among credit repair companies, mortgage/auto and other kinds of loan brokers, and maybe some other businesses we may have no idea about, but with which our collaboration can be mutually beneficial.

    We offer special terms to our partners who are members of the GFS Affiliate Program. Once you register on our website as an AU tradelines broker, we will provide you with your individual discount code. This personal discount will allow you to purchase AU tradelines on our website for your customers at the MOST affordable wholesale prices.

    Guarantee details

    • We keep our clients on our tradelines for 2 months minimum
    • Tradelines will post on a minimum of 2 bureaus
    • The prices on the website reflect the fee for the entire aforementioned lease period, i.e. 60 days
    • After an Authorized User is removed from a tradeline, the tradeline stays as closed on your client’s report for up to 10 years and still continues to positively contribute to the credit profile all this time

    Becoming a broker / an affiliate partner is free.

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